Apr 062005

I haven’t had the urge to blog anything in awhile, but there’s no point in trying to catch up on missed entries. Besides, roadster_guy covers most of the major things we do. 🙂
Agent00Groovey got me with a great April Fool’s joke: he told me that the managers at ISS had showed up from Atlanta to close the Southfield office and lay everyone off. Rumors that this might happen have circulated in the Southfield office for a couple years, so the idea was certainly in the realm of possibility, and I fell for it: hook, line, sinker, bobbin, fishing pole, and part of the dock. I was almost disappointed it was only a joke. Not because I wanted my friends to be laid off, which would have been horrible, but because it would have been further vindication of my opinion of the management of the MSS department. I really wanted to rub my fingers together like Mr. Burns and cackle with malicious glee, “See? See?! I told you so!” Ah well, sooner or later they’ll finally cross the line: the few brave, dedicated souls who remain will have finally had enough and they’ll have a mass walkout on their hands.

I started taking a higher dose of Strattera last week: 40mg in the morning and 25mg in the afternoon, and now that it’s had time to build up in my system the difference is amazing. I’ve been more productive at work; when people ask me technical questions I don’t go blank and stammer like an idiot, but actually have an answer and can communicate it clearly. Sometimes the answer is “I don’t know”, but I state it very firmly and distinctly!
We’ve been having meetings about the new data center opening up in Singapore and before taking the higher dose I dreaded everything about the project. I even had nightmares about it. Now I join in the discussions, I can actually follow what’s being said, and even surprise myself by giving intelligent answers! I’ll say something particularly relevant without expecting to and think, “Wow, where’d THAT come from?” Yesterday I fixed a problem with a server that’s been plaguing me for two months in about 10 minutes. “Ok, I run this config option, select the other server of the pair, clone the configuration over, restart, and open a support ticket with the vendor for the proper connector pinouts.” Done. Fixed. Miller Time.

I’ve been getting a lot more done after work too. I’ve gone running the last two afternoons with a minimum of self-prodding, taken care of paperwork, run errands all over the place, I even cooked(!) last night so Aaron could go to the gym after class. Turned out pretty good, actually. The budget we’ve set up has even allowed me to get a 6-month pass to Planet Rock in Pontiac, so after work today I’m starting up rock climbing again. I’ve missed it, and when I was climbing regularly I was getting into some great shape. Running’s fine and all, but my heel spur is already starting to flare up again and I’m not eager to have a needle stuck in my heel to fill it with cortisone.

I’ve been so productive that I’ve been able to game in the evenings guilt-free. My ex gave me his 10-day guest pass to World of Warcraft so I’ve been playing that the last two nights. That’s left CoH and SWG kind of in the lurch, but it’s only 8 more days. So far I’m digging it. Leveling is fast; the quests are pretty interesting and there are tons of them. You really can level by doing quests only, and I’ve only done random hunting when I’ve been very close to level and just needed a couple kills to make it. Aaron has shown no sign of wanting to play, since he’s not into fantasy, but he’s been repeatedly impressed by the game world when he’s looked over now and then. For any of you WoW playing friends who might wonder why I haven’t contacted you ingame: since my intent is to just take the 10 days and quit I don’t want anyone to spend a lot of time helping me out for nothing. It’s not because I’m being anti-social. 🙂 I went from level 7 to level 10 last night, and am playing a human mage named Calanthe on the Proudmoore server, if anyone wants to give me a shout.

I’ve felt kind of bad by ignoring CoH lately (I am the guild leader after all), but I’ve been really only wanting to try out PvP on the test server and the graphics problems I have with it have frustrated me enough to hardly bother. Everything’s dark, even with gamma adjusted, and UI windows and text are so faded it’s hardly readable. Yet I don’t have this problem at all on the regular servers. *shrug* Oh well, back to WoW til Cryptic gets their stuff fixed.

I stayed up til midnight last night, after telling Aaron I was only going to be about 10 more minutes (this was at 11:20), but I just wasn’t sleepy and when I did go to bed I just laid there for a long time. All the exercise has boosted my energy level I guess. After I hit the snooze button this morning it was nice to lay there on soft sheets under a warm comforter, with a cool breeze drifting in from the window and a robin chirping in the pre-dawn dark. Hearing a bird in the morning before sunrise has depressed me for years, and this was the first time that it didn’t, which surprised me. I trace that bit of personal weirdness back to the first morning of Navy boot camp. All of us had been up since 5 a.m. the previous day, and most everyone was asleep. I couldn’t sleep and decided that a couple hours was going to make me feel worse than not sleeping at all, so I stood at the window and wondered what the hell I’d gotten myself into. I was exhausted and anxious and starting to regret leaving home the day of high school graduation, and hearing a bird singing before sunrise made me keenly aware that that bird had its freedom to go anywhere it wanted, and I’d just signed mine away. About 10 minutes later the lights snapped on as the company commander came in and the peace and quiet erupted in controlled chaos. Afterwards, whenever I was up all night and heard birds before dawn, it made me feel like I’d “missed” the night and there was no separation between one day and the next, and soon the peace and quiet of night was about to give way to the light and noise of a day I wasn’t ready for. This morning though, it was a pleasant sound, and I wanted to drift back to sleep. The alarm clock had other ideas.

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