Apr 072005

I’m totally wiped out today. I went to bed at 1am Monday night, midnight Tuesday night, and 11:30 last night, yet I’m sleepier than I was either of the preceding days. I finally bit the bullet and got a small mocha from the coffee stand, and a pack of chocolate covered raspberries. The sugar/caffeine combo should keep me going until I leave at 2:15 for my dentist appt. Arshad was having the same problem and we got to discussing sleep in general. The longest stretch I’ve ever slept straight through was 17 hours, back when I was in the Navy and stationed in California. Friday afternoon after a long rough week working the flight line I crashed on my bed at 5pm, still dressed and wearing my boots, and didn’t wake up til 10am the next morning; still dressed, wearing my boots, and in the exact same position.

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