Apr 152005

Last night mrimp, chucknoblet, thafuzz, and I went to see Tori Amos at the Detroit Opera House. First we hit Union Street for dinner and a drink, then rolled over to da House. We met up with a couple of guys that were at the party dirtyglamour invited Aaron and I to, and shot the shit for a few before heading in. We also hooked up with Bob’s friend Joshua, who joined us for the concert (and is very cute I might add).

Outside, some girl who’d been in Union Street came up to us, leading the way with her bountiful boobies which were stuffed into a tight t-shirt that had a picture of a keyboard on it. Her nickname for the night instantly became “Qwerty”. She said something to the effect of “every single guy here must be with his girlfriend.” To which I replied, “Or gay.” She must have had a few to drink cuz it took a few seconds and several repeats for it to sink in.

“Oh, are you guys gay? I didn’t think gay guys liked Tori Amos. I have a lot of gay friends since I work in theater and they never mentioned her.”

Uh huh…

At this point her friend’s embarassment limit was reached and she fled into the theater. “Well,” said Qwerty, “I’ve totally embarassed my friend so I guess I better go inside. See ya!” Her boobies led her through the door and that was the last we saw of her.

The show was fun; Tori has a great voice live and even talked to the audience a bit, discussing the last time she was in town when the blackout happened. She had a grand piano and three different organs lined up on stage, with each pair’s keyboards facing each other so she could play both simultaneously. Between every couple songs she’d move over to the other pair to continue with a different sound. Even though I had fun, it still hasn’t quite turned me into a raging Toriphile (forgive me, Bob and Steve!)

In other news, I’M GOING TO SINGAPORE!! My boss told me this morning that I was approved to go in mid-May for a week, but the date still isn’t firm yet. It will either be from the 9th-13th, or 16th-20th. I’m hoping it’s the first week, since Mollie and family are moving back from Germany to California and stopping in Michigan to stay for a couple weeks. Sunday the 18th I and Mom (or Aaron if I can’t go) are taking a train or plane to Chicago to pick them up and drive them back, since they’ll be wiped out from the plane ride and neither of them should drive an additional four hours across the state.

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