Apr 192005

No one ever accused spam email of making any kind of sense, seeing as most of their text is gibberish designed to try and fool anti-spam filters, but you really have to question the wisdom(?) of putting “erection problem” and “fixed” in the same sentence. Most of you dogs out there know exactly what I mean. 😉

In other news, my trip to Singapore has been rescheduled AGAIN! Now I’m departing on Saturday the 21st for a workshop that runs from Tuesday to Friday, and not returning til Sunday the 29th. I suppose that will give a day or so for body clock adjustment and sightseeing/shopping/drinking, but man MAKE UP YOUR MINDS! Still, it’s very cool that I’m going at all, since I never expected I’d ever go back to Singapore after visiting in 1990 with the Navy. Since the wedding is 5 days after that, Aaron may have to prop me up at the altar if my body clock is still screwed up. hehehe…

EDIT: Woot! Business class both ways and up to 30,000 frequent flier miles!

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