Apr 252005

Earlier today on CNN I had read a story about the two missing toddlers in Georgia and for some reason the word “pond” in the story jumped out at me. I got a bad vibe and remember thinking something like, “Pond? That’s a bad sign right there”. I went on with my day and didn’t give it another thought. About 3 minutes ago I was checking the news on my pager and read that their bodies had been recovered from a sanitation pond a couple hundred yards from their home. Those poor parents…

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Apr 252005

All winter I had hoped for just ONE paralyzing snowstorm, just to have a snow day off from work. So when do we finally GET said snowstorm? At the end of April when it’s too warm to stick, on a weekend that I’m on call! Grrr…

So all weekend I’m mostly stuck in the house because A) I can’t be more than 15 minutes from the computer in case the pager goes off (which it did Saturday afternoon), B) we’re pretty broke until next month and can’t be spending any money, and C) the weather sucked. I spent almost all weekend in the house playing SWG or CoH and grew heartily sick of both. The only times I ventured outside were to refill my prescription and pick up Chinese food. There were other things I could have done and, looking around the condo this morning, wish I would have done, but just didn’t feel like it. The place is a mess and my clothes need folding, but the only thing I kept up on was the dishes as Aaron made various yummy things throughout the weekend.

mrimp stopped by on Saturday, which was nice since we hadn’t seen or hardly talked to him lately as he’s been basking in the glory that is Flint, Michigan all last week. We oohed and ahhed over his new PSP, and between that and Aaron’s new Manberry, er, Blackberry, I’m having a serious case of tech-envy.

My step-grandfather is close to breathing his last, and my poor grandmother is beside herself. She’s pretty frail herself, and her memory has gotten really bad over the last year or so. My mom had to take off to Florida for two weeks yesterday to be with her and help her out since she’s pretty much alone down there. Most of the people in her retirement community have gone north for the summer so the place is like a ghost town. Aaron was nice enough to drive down to her place in Brownstown and take her to the airport, since I was tethered to the pager. Of course it didn’t go off.

Lest the weekend be a total wash, I had my last real estate appraisal class on Friday and passed the test. Apparently only 8 people out of a class of about 26 passed, and I was one of them. The instructor read the names of those who passed and handed out certificates as each person left. Only two people came out after me, and one of them told me that they were the last two called. I was surprised, since I didn’t think the test was that hard if you read carefully. I had called our trainer’s dad, since he had started up an appraisal business, but he said that business had slowed down over the last month. He was pleasantly surprised that I was in Oakland county, and said that he would probably be in a position to train me in a month or so. Wonder how much I can do after work and on weekends, since my contract here isn’t over til August.

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