May 022005

As already reported by roadster_guy, we spent the weekend at Camp Fishtales for Cyndi’s 20th annual 22nd birthday party. It’s a small camp for handicapped kids, and seeing as how they don’t use it in the spring, they rent it out to private groups. So usually about a dozen or more of us get together and enjoy the facility: big main lodge with kitchen & fireplace, two outlying cabins with bunks and baths. It’s up near Pinconning, which is about 30 minutes north of Saginaw. It’s basically a big weekend of drinking, smoking, eating WAY too much junk food, singing karaoke, walking in the woods, and bonfires. Generally a relaxing time away with friends to celebrate a birthday.

The theme of each year’s camping usually revolves around it being a fraternity/sorority event, with the girls all being members of Eta Omega Gamma (HOG), whose mascot is a pig, and the guys in Pi Pi Pi (Tri-Pi) whose mascot is a double-cherry. The games don’t take up much time, then everyone goes back to drinking and lounging around. Last year’s games were called on account of drunkenness but they were pretty fun this year, and I managed to win the 4-On-The-Floor game. Four people stand in the corners of a square and the ref asks a question with a list of possible answers. Each person gives their answer as they bounce a ball to the next person. If someone doesn’t have an answer when the ball reaches them then they’re out. It was down to Sue and I and the question was “sexual positions”. I led off with the classic “69” and Sue followed up with the predictable “Missionary”. I countered with “Doggy Style” and when Sue caught the ball she started giggling uncontrollably, which left me da winnah! Sadly the boys of Tri-Pi got our butts kicked overall, but there was plenty of consolation booze to drown our sorrows with.

When we got back yesterday afternoon we went to see Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. It was…okay. It had some really good moments but the whole thing felt too rushed and at one point I caught myself thinking, “This is stupid”, which shocked me as I thought it because I’m such a fan of the books (well, except for “Mostly Harmless”, which sucked). Afterwards Aaron asked me what the deal with the towels was, and it occured to me that they never explained the importance of knowing where your towel is! That omission was really unforgivable. Maybe “The Restaurant at the End of the Universe” will be better. Those books just don’t translate well to the screen; there’s too much of it that only works in a written format.

My poor mother is having a hell of a time in Florida. My grandma’s husband died Saturday and my mom is trying to take care of things, since Grandma really can’t. She doesn’t know what to do with her, but she’s going to have to bring her up here to Michigan, at least until things are sorted out. After that, no idea, but she needs some kind of assisted living. She can take care of her basic needs, but her memory is going and she’s too fragile to drive herself anywhere. She could literally fracture her spine just by turning around to look behind her in traffic. She already broke it once by pulling up the comforter on the bed while making it. I wish I had some input to offer but I don’t know what to do either. (Note to Little Britain fans: HOME? YEAH? HOME?)

I’m so bored at work today. I have nothing to work on except a log reporting tool for our web proxy servers, which I’ve had little luck getting to work and my motivation is at low ebb. The boss isn’t here so at least I can surf without watching over my shoulder, but I’m even losing interest in that.

Guess I’ll go to lunch.

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