May 102005

I’m not sure where my desire to blog has gone but it sure hasn’t been around lately. There’s been a lot of stuff going on, but when I think about writing it up I’m just like, “Meh.”

This weekend my friend Chuck and his wife Nao visited from Japan. They’ve been on a whirlwind tour of the US: visiting friends and family, spending time in Cayman, and doing some work here in Detroit for Chuck’s employer. roadster_guy and I went out to dinner with them and most of my old crew from Dearborn (and their wives) to Detroit Beer Company across from the opera house. We had a really good time and drank too much of course. Aaron and I left at about 11pm, since we’d been there and drinking at least an hour before anyone else showed up.

The next day I spent with Chuck and Jim. We hit Bailey’s in west Dearborn, which was new to me, and very cool. Huge place, very open floorplan, and the food was pretty good. Hadn’t had a good bar burger in awhile. Afterward we headed back to Jim’s to sit on the porch, drink beer, and shoot the shit. We barely resisted the temptation to buy 40 ouncers, just to complete the image. Afterward we huddled around Jim’s shiny new laptop and played Warcraft III. Well *I* played. They watched. VERY cool game; it almost renewed my interest in playing real-time strategy games.

Man, the hours we spent sweltering in my old apartment, crowded into the tiny office with two desktops and two laptops, having to play musical chairs just to get in and out of the room. We played Red Alert, Total Annihilation, Starcraft, Alpha Centauri…mostly Starcraft. Lots of Starcraft. Way fucking far too much Starcraft. Before that it was almost two years of sprawling around Jim’s dining room table, playing Magic: The Gathering, often with evanrudemi. We sweated in the summer, with every fan that we could get our hands on running, and all the windows open. We froze in the winter cuz Jim and Rick (Jim’s roommate) were at war with MichCon and wouldn’t turn the heat up. Ah, the good old days… :oP

I stayed til about 9pm, then headed out. Chuck was leaving shortly since he and Nao (who spent the day relaxing at the hotel) had an 8 a.m. flight. Sunday after breakfast we spent most of the day lounging, and that evening we went with mrimp to see Kung Fu Hustle. It’s a really silly fun martial arts movie, with a definite “Matrix meets Looney Tunes” style. If you like those kind of movies, try to catch it or get the DVD when it comes out. Right now it’s at Star Great Lakes and AMC Forum 30 at Mound Rd. and M-59.

Yesterday Aaron and I played hooky from work and went to Windsor to get our marriage license and meet Reverend Neil, our officiant. Amazingly it only took us about 20 minutes to get from Troy to Windsor. We were literally the only car headed through the tunnel TO Canada, but there were plenty headed to the US. Neil is quite a character, and very friendly and helpful. He took us to the licensing department of Windsor City Hall, and while they were processing it we went outside to take some pictures, walk around, and get a bit of a guided tour of the immediate vicinity. Once Neil sends us the CD of the pics, I’ll get them posted.

After we got the license and swore with raised right hands that our information was accurate, we drove around the area with Neil navigating to various parks, looking for a suitable site for the ceremony. The place we settled on is Reaume Park/Coventry Gardens, in front of a huge bed of red tulips near the river, with downtown Detroit in the background (“Funny, the damage doesn’t look as bad from out here…”) and a fountain in the river just beyond the flowers. Should be a great spot, and we found a cheap (but nice) B&B as a backup in case of rain.

Then we stopped at Pronto, had lunch, and met with their caterer to order the wedding cake. I think the only detail left to take care of is getting me a new suit. We were going to do that yesterday, but I took an hour nap and Aaron got engrossed in playing Eve Online. Once I got up, neither of us were particularly motivated to go suit shopping. Later, mrimp took us to dinner at Bistro 227 in Rochester (thanks again babe!) and then we went on a short quest to find a Cold Stone Creamery nearby. We were victorious, and now need extra time at the gym to work it off. I thought it was pretty good, if different, but Aaron doesn’t like the texture of their ice cream. To each their own, I guess.

Mom has declared that she can’t take another day of putting up with my grandma, and is trying to get a flight back tomorrow instead of Saturday. Apparently they had another yelling match the other day and Mom decided that Grandma isn’t as “mentally unwell” as she lets on, and is perfectly capable of taking care of herself for a couple days until Grandma’s sister gets there. I’m proud of my mom for finally growing a pair (so to speak). In the last few months she’s gotten a lot more proactive and assertive, and doesn’t let herself be used as a doormat anymore. That she actually stands up to her mother, yells back at her, and doesn’t back down is amazing to me. I guess after last night’s row, when Grandma actually swore at her, Mom yelled back, “Don’t you swear at me! Who do you think you are?” then left the house for awhile. You’d have to know a lot of the history between them to fully appreciate this historic event, but I’m still in awe. I do love my grandma, but she’s often treated my mother poorly, and she picked the wrong time to finally get her comeuppance by alienating her own daughter, one of the few people left alive in her life that cares about her well-being.

5 more days til my sister and family get here from Germany. Hopefully since Mom will have a couple days to recover from her ordeal in solitary confinement with Grandma she’ll be able to go with me to Chicago to pick them up and drive them back. Four adults, a two-year-old, a miniature Schnauzer, and all their luggage, in a rental van from Chicago to Detroit. Should be an “interesting” road trip! I’m looking forward to it though actually. I miss my sister; we always have a good time when we hang out. Too bad I’ll be gone to Singapore for one of the weeks that they’re here.

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