May 222005

We finally staggered off our plane after taxiing past what seemed like 5 miles of terminal to get to the gate. Customs worked fast and, as luck would have it, my suitcase was one of the first on the belt. Marty had left his suitcase back in Detroit. He got there too late to check his luggage and they would not let it on the airplane. They wouldn’t check it at the gate and it was too big to go as a carry-on, so he traveled to Singapore with nothing but a backpack and the clothes on his back. We caught a taxi to the Conrad Hilton hotel, which is stunning, got checked in, and dropped off our luggage. Vince suggested we all go out and get a beer “to help us sleep”. Three hours and five pitchers of Tiger beer later, we staggered back to the hotel. I got to sleep at 7am and didn’t wake up til 2pm.

We ended up at the Tiki Bar along the waterfront, which is lined with bars, clubs, and restaurants. We all wanted some food, but only a few bars were open and none of them served food that late. While we were there we made the acquaintance of Grace, a local girl, who lost her bet with the bartender and DJ as to whether we were English, Australian, or American. She told us how horribly boring it was to spend your life in Singapore (she’s 20), and how she couldn’t wait to leave for Melbourne in the fall to go to school. Sometime during the conversation over the third pitcher of beer I let slip that I was getting married the Friday after we got back, and they all congratulated me, but so far I’ve managed to keep the nature of my wedding a secret. I think it would just be too awkward. Do you have any idea how hard it is to avoid using gender pronouns when talking about your significant other? I feel like I’m back in the closet again!

Left to Right: Lobby of the Conrad Hotel, outside the Tiki Bar, me and Grace

Once I got back in the hotel, I discovered I have this view out my window:
More to follow…

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