May 282005

I am never complaining about having my baggage inspected at the airport in the US again. I’ve just had every item in my suitcase removed, squeezed, refolded, neatened up, and repacked by a very polite and friendly young man.

One item at a time.

Veeerrrrryyyy sssslllloooowwwwllllyyyy……..

If I had been more awake I would have screamed in frustration, “Just drop the whole damn stack in there! I have to wash it all anyway! ARRRGHH!” Luckily I wasn’t, and I didn’t. If I had, he probably would have shot me, then apologized for it very profusely.

Now I’m parked on the carpet outside the gate, waiting for them to let us through the last security checkpoint. Ten minutes to go.

Ok, now I’m through, after getting my carry-on checked. The screener saw something she didn’t like on the scanner, but they didn’t object to anything they found. Now I’m finally sitting at the gate. Here, they have a metal detector and bag scanner at every gate, and each gate is in its own glassed-in area. I can only imagine how horrendously slow it is during peak hours, and I’m really glad I’m here at 5am.

I ended up taking a nap, but only managed to sleep about an hour before staggering down to check out.

Tuesday, May 31 2pm

I’m back! The flight was long of course, but luckily there was no layover in Japan. In fact, they hustled us from one gate to the next because the next flight was already starting to load when we got there. I had a bizarre and disturbing dream on the flight to Japan, which was fairly bumpy. I dreamed that I was awake and sitting in my seat on the plane. The sky outside was blood red and suddenly I saw the black silhouettes of birds flying past the window. I knew that one of them was going to go right through the cockpit window, causing the plane to crash, and remember thinking, “This is it!” Then I heard a loud, rapid, mechanical honking sound, which I assumed was a collision alarm, and it startled me awake. It took me a few seconds to realize that the alarm was only in my dream, no one else was reacting to anything, and there are no birds that fly above 35,000 feet that I ever heard of. The rest of that flight (until I fell asleep again) I was acutely aware that I was in a fragile aluminum shell hurtling through the air at over 600 mph, and I wondered if the plane came apart, would I die instantly, would I freeze to death as I fell, or would the impact with the ocean get me? I’ve never been afraid of flying before but after that I understand how some people can be terrified of it. Oddly though, the flight from Japan to Detroit didn’t bother me at all. *shrug* Weird.

It was good to be home and, after some Welcome Back festivities, we headed to Greektown for dinner. I was in bed and asleep by 9:30pm, and didn’t wake up until 8:30 the next morning. I dreamed vividly all night, mostly involving my car getting stolen in Riverview. I called the police but the first cop I spoke to kept wanting to talk about my kid’s school attendance record. He ignored me when I told him I didn’t have any kids and that my car had been stolen. After hanging up and calling 911 I finally got someone who had a clue, but then realized that I was dreaming and my car was out in the parking lot at home. I hung up on the dispatcher and continued with the rest of the dream.

Yesterday was mostly spent reformatting and reloading my hard drive. The thing was hosed beyond repair and just needed to be wiped. Thank Norton for Ghost, and that I had made a backup image of the drive several weeks ago. I’ve been able to reload programs from the backup without having to dig out the CDs, and some programs I don’t have the disks for anymore.

I’m hoping to get it finished and have all the Singapore pics posted sometime this week, but with the wedding coming up and Mollie & family in town, dunno if that will happen. 3 more days to wedded bliss!

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