Jun 302005

Continuing my series on paranoid workplace dreams, last night I dreamed I had done something really REALLY bad at work; something I was absolutely certain I was going to get fired for (no idea what it was though). To beat them to the punch, I quit. I not only quit the contract for where I’m at, I quit the contract house completely. Right afterwards I discovered that if I had just ridden it out, I wouldn’t have been fired. So then I tried to get my job back, to no avail. When I woke up I had a hard time shaking it off and wasn’t sure whether it had really happened or if I had dreamed it.

This still doesn’t beat the one I had in Singapore, where my boss sent out an email saying that “although I’m sure Ryan is doing a fine job at the workshop, I feel there are some issues that only I can deal with, and will be flying out there today”. In the next paragraph he offered $40,000 to anyone who stopped me if I tried to flee the country before he got there. Apparently I got on his good dream side later, because this Monday’s dream involved him giving me a $40,000 raise. It must have been the same $40k he was going to use on my contract killing.

Jun 272005

Once I got used to the unnatural silence in the condo I got down to some serious loafing around. Being on call is a great excuse to do nothing and go nowhere, except I *wanted* to go places and do things. Saturday I ventured out a couple times into the oven-like heat to CVS and Somerset, hung the punching bag on the stand in the basement, and made some phone calls, but mostly played City of Heroes and EVE. I didn’t get anything done that I’d planned on doing, like putting my laundry away or cleaning up my half of the office. I did, however, rack up over 11 million bucks in EVE by the end of the weekend, and formed a corporation with Aaron named Misery Loves Co. I want to spend a good chunk of it on a cruiser, but any combat ship under my command has a distressingly short life expectancy. I should stick to commerce, and maybe venture into research and manufacturing. Funny how I can crunch numbers to make a fortune in a game, but have trouble managing my own finances.

Sunday, Scott came over to help with the basement project before Aaron and Eric came back, then I treated him to lunch at Red Robin and we ogled the waitstaff. I think they’ve hired exactly one un-cute guy for the whole place, and they probably keep him in back. After Scott left, Aaron and I tackled the basement mess and threw out a ton of junk from the laundry room storage closet, so I could put my leftover junk from the self-storage place in there instead. We also hauled out all the clay pipe segments that were stacked in the pseudo-fireplace as a type of wine rack by some previous tenant, then swept it all out. As part of our plan to convert the basement into a Tudor/medieval-style tavern, I had the idea to put one of those multi-tier fireplace candelabras in there, and Aaron thought a swinging grate in front of it would be a good touch. We priced out some different types of stone veneer or stone-like foam panels to put over the walls, but the foam was jaw-droppingly expensive so we’ll check out the veneer place that’s not too far from us.

Last night I slept like shit. I wasn’t really sleepy, couldn’t get comfortable, and flip-flopped more than Bush’s reasons for the Iraq war. Because it didn’t get warm enough to trip the A/C, the complete silence also helped keep me restless. It was so quiet it was creepy, and I kept expecting to hear Grandpa’s ghost on the stairs, but never did. I also planned to go running today, since my only exercise was hauling stuff in and out of the basement, but not in THIS heat. I’ll punch and kick the bag for awhile instead, in the nice cool basement.

Jun 242005

roadster_guy and mrimp are off to Aaron’s parents’ beach house north of Port Huron. I started my on-call week today so unless their neighbors’ wireless is up and running for me to leech off of in the event I get paged, I’m stuck here by myself. I have to be within 15 minutes of a computer in order to respond to a priority ticket, so this really limits my activities. During the week it’s not so bad, but on the weekend it SUCKS! If the wireless is working I may trek up there, but I’m a bit paranoid about it since it’s over an hour away. And they’re not currently on good terms with the neighbors, so if the connection goes down we can’t exactly go ask them to fix it.

Despite my vow to not read any news, I’ve caught myself surfing CNN and the news feed on my pager without even thinking about it. I quickly switched it off and started singing the Smurf song to clear my head of meaningful thought. Currently I’m updating my music and movie favorites on LivePlasma, then checking out suggested artists on iTunes, but LivePlasma’s having a problem and all the favorites I’ve added so far are stacked on top of each other instead of being spread out on the map. My favorites from the last time I used it are still laid out correctly, so I sent them an email. Odd.

Crap, I reached my limit of saved favorites on LP, because it’s still in beta.

Ok, I’ve GOT to put some music on; it’s like a tomb in here…

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Jun 242005

High court OKs personal property seizures
The Thing We Don’t Talk About
Pentagon creating student database
U.N. Experts Say They Have Reliable Accounts of Torture at Guantanamo
Drifter held girl for three days before burying her alive in a garbage bag

I need to stick my head in the sand and stop reading the news for awhile. There’s only so much reality I can take before I start to despair of things ever getting better, so I’m just going to pretend none of it exists for now.

* la la la the world is a happy place la la la….everything is wonderful la la la…. *

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Jun 142005

Well, I’ve got the basics of using Flickr down, and experimented by posting my Singapore pictures. Most of them don’t have labels yet, but I’ll work on that as time permits. The wedding and reception pics have priority now. Pictures can be found here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/nerdimus_prime/sets/

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Jun 132005

1. What’s the first word that comes to mind when you think of me?

2. Go to http://images.google.com/ and search for that word.

3. Reply to this post with one of the pictures on the first page of
results (don’t tell me the word). Use an image tag, i.e. < img src="url.of.the.image.goes.here" >

4. Put this in your own blog so that I can do the same.

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Jun 132005

Friday night mrimp and his new beau, brokenbryan, and I went to dinner at Cafe Sushi in Troy, stuffed ourselves on lots of good grub, then went to the AMC Forum 30 to see “Mr. & Mrs. Smith”. roadster_guy begged off, since he had no desire to see the film. The movie was a lot of fun, despite the premise being kind of hokey and over-the-top, and we all enjoyed it. The only real problem was the sound level, and I think that was a theater problem, not a film problem. The audio level of the dialogue was too low compared to the sound effects and music, and it made it hard to understand what the actors were saying sometimes. Still, it’s a good throwaway summer action flick, and really funny in places, so I definitely recommend it.

Saturday I finally did a partial cleanup of my part of the office, and can now see the left side of my desktop for the first time in months. The Great Wall of Nerd that was building up on the floor to either side of me is starting to come down, and once I make some room on my bookshelf I can get rid of most of the rest of it. I had a hell of a time waking up, and dragged around for most of the day. I only finally perked up before azazal78‘s BBQ once I’d gone running and had a shower.

The BBQ was a lot of fun, and there were some people there that I hadn’t seen in quite awhile. I was totally surprised to see Crew & Johnny there, since I had no idea they knew Paul. Paul’s friend Scott is very cool, and it was good to talk to another gaming nerd. It was kind of fun to get into heavy game-talk and watch roadster_guy and brokenbryan‘s baffled looks. After a couple minutes of this Aaron asked Bryan, “So, how about that local sports team?” hehe… a2andy, misanthropicsob, thafuzz, and nakednerd of LJ Land were also there, plus a lot of other cool people whose names I don’t remember at the moment. After four beers and two of a2andy‘s very strong mojitos, I’m surprised I remember that much. Once I’ve got a strong buzz on, I sometimes get, shall we say… oh hell, let’s call it what it is: slutty. And wearing a kilt around a bunch of drunk gay guys is a trouble magnet if ever there was one, but I left before things got TOO out of hand.

Sunday morning my mom dropped my sister and niece off at our place, and we continued up to Aaron’s parents’ beach house near Port Huron to spend the day, despite the spitting of rain and the promise of thunderstorms. It actually turned out to be pretty good weather and we all had a good time except poor Aaron, who was really tired, didn’t feel all that well, and spent most of the day playing Eve on my laptop by leeching off the neighbor’s wireless internet connection. He did finally buy his first cruiser, an Augoror, and it looks very cool. Mollie enjoyed having a relaxing day where she didn’t have to watch Sydney every minute, since Uncle Ryan played babysitter for much of the day. Sydney had a great time, and spent hours playing in the sand with her beach toys, throwing rocks in the water, rampaging around the house and yard, and floating around in the lake on an inner tube with me and Mollie. She was up from 7:30am until she fell asleep in the car on the way back at 7:30pm, never had a nap, but never got cranky or badly behaved, which is amazing for her, and for 2-year-olds in general. Mollie and I both got a bit fried by the sun which, even though it was covered by clouds most of the day, managed to burn my face and shins. Luckily it’s pretty mild and doesn’t really hurt. Aaron’s parents are great hosts, loved Sydney, and we all had way too much good food and snacks.

So now it’s back to the grind, but it’s really slow here at work for a Monday. Two of my coworkers and my team lead are gone today, and I’ve got nothing on my plate except to get a quote on a firewall for Singapore, and do my self-eval for my contract house by Friday. I HATE doing self-evals for work; how can you possibly be objective when evaluating your own performance? It’s nothing more than an exercise in telling your superiors what you think they want to hear, and trying not to make yourself sound too good or too bad in the process. Pointless.

After work and running, I’ve GOT to make my promised CDs of Singapore pics for my coworkers who went with me, and finally get those and the wedding pictures posted somewhere. I keep putting it all off because it’s going to be a huge job, but it’s got to be done. Then, Aaron and I are having a dinner date. We haven’t had any real quiet time together since the wedding that hasn’t been spent in front of our computers, and that’s not a good trend. So we’ve got filet mignons and a bottle of Bordeaux on the menu, then maybe a movie or something if we can stay awake after a meal like that.

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