Jun 042005

It’s a belated entry, since roadster_guy‘s already posted twice, but I was tired and not feeling the LJ-ness. Big thanks to everyone who’s already congratulated and wished us well in his LJ!

So now I’m officially married! On the one hand, it doesn’t feel like anything’s really changed: we were already living together, already had joint finances, and already bought a car together, which REALLY made us stuck with each other, moreso than a Canadian marriage license! hehehe…

On the other hand…is a serious piece of bling. The wedding went off without a hitch, except for the slight delay of jamie95, which actually turned out well because, in Celtic lore, the last person to arrive for a wedding becomes a source of luck and good fortune to the married couple. So now we have to put him on a chain around our necks to keep that good luck close at hand. Hope his boyfriend doesn’t mind…

The weather held up great and even lightened up a bit before the actual ceremony, so we didn’t have to use the B&B we’d reserved as a backup. Everyone looked really nice, my niece was adorable and very well-behaved, and she even picked a couple of purple irises “for Unca Wyan and Unca Aawon” for our lapels. mrimp and jamie95 made great bridesmaids and witnesses, with mrimp playing Frodo and bearing our rings. Neil gave a great ceremony and even though it seemed to drag on a bit, it was actually only about 20 minutes total. Once all the paperwork was signed, we were legally married (in Canada)! Afterwards we all headed to the Palm for lunch, courtesy of Aaron’s parents, then everyone went their separate ways and we went to help Mrs. L-K with setting up for the reception. After all the events of the day we just kind of slumped at our computers for the rest of the night.

Today we nearly finished setting up the clubhouse, with the rest of the stuff to be done shortly before everyone arrives. Aaron went to get us some lunch, and I’m studiously avoiding my pile of clothes in our room that needs folding. Since we decided to skip our original idea for the reception and save it for Pride tomorrow, I need to pick something out to wear tonight. I’m currently wearing my kilt and, while both comfortable and sexy, it’s not really appropriate.

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