Jun 272005

Once I got used to the unnatural silence in the condo I got down to some serious loafing around. Being on call is a great excuse to do nothing and go nowhere, except I *wanted* to go places and do things. Saturday I ventured out a couple times into the oven-like heat to CVS and Somerset, hung the punching bag on the stand in the basement, and made some phone calls, but mostly played City of Heroes and EVE. I didn’t get anything done that I’d planned on doing, like putting my laundry away or cleaning up my half of the office. I did, however, rack up over 11 million bucks in EVE by the end of the weekend, and formed a corporation with Aaron named Misery Loves Co. I want to spend a good chunk of it on a cruiser, but any combat ship under my command has a distressingly short life expectancy. I should stick to commerce, and maybe venture into research and manufacturing. Funny how I can crunch numbers to make a fortune in a game, but have trouble managing my own finances.

Sunday, Scott came over to help with the basement project before Aaron and Eric came back, then I treated him to lunch at Red Robin and we ogled the waitstaff. I think they’ve hired exactly one un-cute guy for the whole place, and they probably keep him in back. After Scott left, Aaron and I tackled the basement mess and threw out a ton of junk from the laundry room storage closet, so I could put my leftover junk from the self-storage place in there instead. We also hauled out all the clay pipe segments that were stacked in the pseudo-fireplace as a type of wine rack by some previous tenant, then swept it all out. As part of our plan to convert the basement into a Tudor/medieval-style tavern, I had the idea to put one of those multi-tier fireplace candelabras in there, and Aaron thought a swinging grate in front of it would be a good touch. We priced out some different types of stone veneer or stone-like foam panels to put over the walls, but the foam was jaw-droppingly expensive so we’ll check out the veneer place that’s not too far from us.

Last night I slept like shit. I wasn’t really sleepy, couldn’t get comfortable, and flip-flopped more than Bush’s reasons for the Iraq war. Because it didn’t get warm enough to trip the A/C, the complete silence also helped keep me restless. It was so quiet it was creepy, and I kept expecting to hear Grandpa’s ghost on the stairs, but never did. I also planned to go running today, since my only exercise was hauling stuff in and out of the basement, but not in THIS heat. I’ll punch and kick the bag for awhile instead, in the nice cool basement.

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