Jun 302005

Continuing my series on paranoid workplace dreams, last night I dreamed I had done something really REALLY bad at work; something I was absolutely certain I was going to get fired for (no idea what it was though). To beat them to the punch, I quit. I not only quit the contract for where I’m at, I quit the contract house completely. Right afterwards I discovered that if I had just ridden it out, I wouldn’t have been fired. So then I tried to get my job back, to no avail. When I woke up I had a hard time shaking it off and wasn’t sure whether it had really happened or if I had dreamed it.

This still doesn’t beat the one I had in Singapore, where my boss sent out an email saying that “although I’m sure Ryan is doing a fine job at the workshop, I feel there are some issues that only I can deal with, and will be flying out there today”. In the next paragraph he offered $40,000 to anyone who stopped me if I tried to flee the country before he got there. Apparently I got on his good dream side later, because this Monday’s dream involved him giving me a $40,000 raise. It must have been the same $40k he was going to use on my contract killing.

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