Jul 082005

From TomPaine.com

“To show just how dire our global energy situation is, Saudi Arabia announced today that OPEC will not be able to meet Western demand for oil by 2015, only 10 years out. Given the timing, this is Saudi Arabia effectively saying that the time has come to turn toward more efficient use of oil, which is also one of the main ways of dealing with climate change. Saudi Arabia just undercut the Bush administration’s position in Gleneagles. That should have been a major blow to the United States, but it will now be swept away by the bombings.”

I’ve been reading articles lately about when the oil would start to run out, and Bush met with the Saudi crown prince about a month ago who assured him that they would be able to increase production. Now they’re giving us an actual year when their ability to meet demand will run out.

Time to start looking into hybrid or electric cars, and researching ways of living off the grid.

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