Jul 262005

Been a lot going on the last couple weeks and I just haven’t had any urge to write it up. The trip to Toronto and the social events of this past weekend were already written up by roadster_guy, so I don’t feel like repeating the whole thing. It was a lot of fun, and in Toronto I actually danced at a club with a minimum of alcoholic prodding! Wonders never cease… We’re actually reconsidering a move to Toronto rather than San Fran, but as usual we can’t make up our minds. San Fran would be great, but the cost of living there is still exhorbitant, and we don’t want to live in a shoebox. We like the standard of living we have now and don’t want to downgrade if we can help it. We’d just rather be in a cooler city. Toronto is expensive, but it’s not as bad as SF.

I was proud of my mother yesterday. The woman who had to be shown three times how to save attachments in her email actually bought and installed her own network card, hooked up and configured her new cable modem, did some basic troubleshooting when it didn’t work right at first, and is now back in the world of high-speed internet. Amazing! I helped her a little bit over the phone, but couldn’t go down there because I’m on call this week. Mostly, it was all her. Way to go Mom!

Lots of full weekends planned for the rest of the summer, with a trip back to San Fran in September for Folsom. After skipping the entire week after we came back from Toronto, I’m back to working out on the bag and running. I also cut down on the carbs and sugar I was eating for breakfast and lunch at work, and I don’t feel bloated all the time anymore. With a month to go, I don’t know that I’ll make the September 1st deadline for a flat stomach, but I’m finally making progress.

On the gaming front, Aaron and I kick ass in EVE when teamed up in our cruisers. Our last drone hunting expedition was actually too easy, and we need something tougher to fight. We also need to replenish the corporate wallet, which has dropped by half after Aaron bought and outfitted a new cruiser, and I bought some new skills.

In City of Heroes, Wire and Shadowgasm are up to 40 and 32, respectively. Last night seven of us in Rough Trade took on the Eden trial with only two deaths, and took down the Crystal Titan in less than 10 minutes. We kick some serious ass together, and I’m finally looking forward to some PvP, to see how we do against human opponents.

Today looks to be another boring day at work, with no early changes this morning to get me out of here early. I keep telling myself to call the guy in Flint about training for real estate appraisal, but I’ve realized I have this anxiety when it comes to picking up the phone and calling people, especially strangers, and avoid it whenever possible. I used to think I was just lazy about calling, but I honestly have an aversion to it. Unless it’s someone really close to me, like Aaron or Mom, I don’t want to pick up the phone. I have no idea where this came from. I wasn’t bitten by a phone as a child, I wasn’t in an abusive phone relationship, so WTF?!

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