Jul 282005

Thanks to everyone who wished me happy birthday yesterday! *sniff* I feel so loved! 😀

My boss let me scoot at 1:30 yesterday so I could get to the Sec. of State to renew my license and order a vanity plate for the Cruiser (PTBRUZR). Luckily I was done in less than 20 minutes and headed back home. After roadster_guy came home, brokenbryan and mrimp came over, and we headed to dinner at the Bahama Breeze on Big Beaver. My co-worker Arshad was kind enough to cover the pager for me from 7-10 so dinner wouldn’t be interrupted, so I brought him a piece of birthday cake this morning. I thoroughly stuffed myself on appetizers, conch chowder, a couple of Malimbo Breezes (yummy!), and pan-seared Tilapia (fish) on a bed of sweet potato mash. I overdid it of course and suffered for a bit, until I had enough room for cake and ice cream. We watched a few episodes of Family Guy, Eric headed home, and I crawled off to bed. Presents were pretty good too. Aaron’s parents sent me a check, my sister gave me a car charger for my iPod and gift card to the iTunes store, Bryan gave me a very nice polo shirt, and I got a cute card from Eric (“Do not resist the birthday hug monkey!”). We’re going to dinner at the Palm with my mom and Aaron’s parents on Sunday and, after the huge meal I had last night, I probably shouldn’t eat again until then. Ugh.

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