Aug 162005

After work nakednerd came over to go running with me and try out his spiffy new Nike Free shoes, which are great apparently. Might have to try a pair myself, except it might make my heel spur worse. I really should see the doctor about it, but I just keep putting it off. I have this aversion to having needles stuck in me anywhere they don’t normally go, like my arm. The thought of having one in my heel is right up there with having one in my spine or my neck. *brrr*

After the run and showers, we vegged on the couch and read until Aaron came home and gave Phil a ride in the Z up to Baja Fresh for dinner. I tried to sneak in some World of Warcraft but got interrupted by the phone, as usual. After dinner Phil introduced us to the wrongness that is Wonder Showzen. I never thought there was such a phrase as “horrified laughter” until I watched that show. Wow.

Phil left about 8pm or so, then Aaron and I went up to Lifetime Fitness to get me signed up, hit CVS to get my thinking pills, then cruised Woodward down to Ferndale and back to see the cars and people. We made it back in time to catch the episode of Galactica that we missed on Friday.

OMGWTFBSG?! Every episode is more of a mindfuck than the last one! There is so much drama between these characters I swear the writers are gay. Without giving too much away in case someone hasn’t seen the last episode, I forsee a major problem when Boomer, Helo, and Chief reunite. This will be interesting, to say the least.

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