Aug 182005

“Thanks” to reddywhp for tagging me for this thing.

List five of your own idiosyncrasies…

1. I chew my fingernails and fingers. A lot. Partly from boredom, mostly when stressed. You can tell my current stress level by how much my fingertips look like raw meat.

2. I talk with my hands and when describing an action of some kind will act it out with my hands as I do so. I even annoy myself when I catch myself doing it.

3. I use a lot of movie quotes expecting other people to understand the reference, then get really embarassed when they don’t.

4. Because of my ADD I have occasional bouts of social retardation and will say something totally inane before I realize how it sounds. (“Too cold, too hungry.”)

5. The more of my time spent socializing, the more I want to hole up alone somewhere, yet the more time I spend alone the more I want to socialize.

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