Aug 222005

Thursday night there was much drunken revelry at Pronto for Aaron’s 30th birthday. pozjournal, thafuzz, mrimp, ldifazzio, jamie95, and our non-LJ friend Buster all showed up to help get roadster_guy liquored up and silly. We all ended up just as silly but not quite as liquored up, since most of us had to drive. We had a lot of strange conversations, checked out all the other hot boys circulating in Pronto, and I ran into Chris Gorski and Dan Zalewski, who I hadn’t seen in years. They’re both looking really good, and it brought back some fond (and some naughty) memories. We met a cute girl named Jessica and her equally cute friend Michael and his abs, and tried to explain to Jess why we were all so affectionate with each other. She was confused as to who was with whom, since we were all hanging on each other at random. We told her that since we’d all been friends for so long and were so comfortable with each other, it was no big deal if we had our arm wrapped around someone who wasn’t our boyfriend. That went over well, and she was envious that she didn’t have friends like that.

After guiding Aaron out of the bar, down the sidewalk, and into the car, I drove home and poured him into bed. He actually managed to get up for work, although a bit late, and I started getting ready for the surprise party that night. After my doc appointment I was off to jamie95‘s house to get the decorations, then to the party supply store to pick up my balloon order. Once all 30 balloons were filled with helium and Hi-Float (a gel sealant that makes the balloons last longer), I managed to stuff them all into the Cruiser.

POW! There went one. “Oh well,” thought I. “One is no big deal.” I got into the car and cranked up the A/C to keep them from expanding too much in the heat.

BANG! “Shit!” There went number two, scaring the hell out of me. I thought about it a second and decided that two were “acceptable losses”. I pulled out of my spot and started to leave.

POP! “Aaah!” Ok, that’s it. I circled back around, parked again, and went back into the party store with my tale of woe. The cute boy who filled the black balloons swore that it must have been the silver ones, because HE never overfilled his balloons. They gave me three replacements and I was back on the road. Meanwhile, in my absence, two more balloons checked out, spraying the car’s interior with latex shrapnel and Hi-Float gel. I didn’t discover this until I got home and counted the tied-off stems dangling from their ribbons. All of the dead ones were silver as the counter boy had claimed, the girl having overfilled them so when they got hot and expanded…BOOM!

While I was at the doctor I got a voicemail from Michelle at the Kroger bakery, saying that the kid who took the order made a slight mistake(!) and to please call back within the next 30 minutes. I never managed to get ahold of her before reaching Kroger. It turned out that I owed her big time. They normally don’t do the cake I ordered in chocolate fudge frosting because it comes with white, so she did the entire cake freehand, and it actually came out great. *whew*

I got everything home and started a mad cleaning and decorating spree. Mom showed up about an hour later and helped me finish, then we split a burrito from Baja Fresh to tide us over til dinner. Eric called to tell me his mom had been in very bad shape the night before and his dad had been up with her all night, so Eric couldn’t make the party. Bummer! We really missed having him there. I prevailed on Jamie to come over after we left for dinner at Morel’s, fill the snack bowls, and let people in.

After a great dinner at Morel’s (highly recommended!) Aaron took my mom with him in the Roadster and headed out. I followed with Aaron’s parents in their Armada but there was no way we could keep up and quickly lost sight of them. I called Jamie with an ETA and when we pulled into the parking lot: no Roadster!
Fighting panic, I tried calling Mom, but her phone was off. I called Aaron and, when he answered, asked as nonchalantly as I could, “Where’d you guys end up going? You were ahead of us and I figured you’d be home by now.” He had driven down Lone Pine road to show Mom the uberhausen in Cranbrook. Luckily he was pulling into the subdivision as we spoke and, after hanging up, his parents and I rummaged in the back of the Armada pretending to get things out while we stalled for time. When they pulled in, I sent Jamie an “incoming” text and let Aaron lead the way in. The lights came on and everyone yelled “Surprise!” There was enough light in room for Aaron to see the balloons hanging from the ceiling, so he wasn’t totally startled, but he was still very surprised. We ended up with almost all of the people who said they’d be there: azazal78, exotica66, dirtyglamour & Mike, pozjournal & Jamie, jamie95 & Wayne (Gord), nakednerd, and Kenny The Lone Hetero. It was a good time and everyone drifted home at about 1 a.m. I think.

Big thanks to everyone who came, and those who helped me clean, conspire, and organize: Jamie, Eric, Mom, and Mom & Dad Bragman!

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