Aug 312005

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1) Is jamie95 related to you? No
2) What is pozjournal‘s biggest flaw? No idea
3) If yukio20 and sprocketpup were siamese twins, where would they be joined? At the tail
4) Is reddywhp related to alcadd? No
5) Do a2andy and alcadd go to the same school? No
6) When did you last call roadster_guy? Yesterday
7) What song/movie would you recommend to odysseyseven? Pretty Tied Up by Guns N Roses 😛
8) Is azazal78 a college student? No
9) Is brokenbryan an emo? Bwaahahahaa! *gasp*
10) What animal does reddywhp remind you of?
11) What is alcadd‘s favorite color? No idea
12) Thoughts on nakednerd? Yay nakednerd!
13) If roadster_guy was a superhero, who would be his/her archnemesis? Dr. Vanilla
14) If lingostarr and _kosh_ were spliced together, what would it be like? Like a lot of fun
15) Does lingostarr travel a lot? No
16) What would dirtyglamour think of evanrudemi? Mutual hotness
17) Does agent00groovey have a dog? No, cute cat though
18) What comic book character would reddywhp be? Nano Dawg, of course
19) Do you have a crush on shhpanky? afraid not
20) Is chucknoblet friends with reddywhp? Nope
21) If jamie95 commanded an army, who would be his/her followers? A legion of flag spinning chemistry students
22) Is shhpanky dead sexy? Sure
23) Is _kosh_ athletic? No, just looks it
24) What is pozjournal‘s favorite movie? The Muppet Movie ;P
25) What rank would azazal78 have in a giant robot army? “Morale Officer”
26) What do you disagree with pozjournal about? Socialized medicine
27) What color should evanrudemi dye their hair? Black. Oh, wait…
28) Does chucknoblet know shhpanky? No
29) Is lingostarr in a relationship? Yes
30) What is reddywhp allergic to? Kool Whip

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