Sep 202005

I landed last night at 6:10pm and came home to some greatly appreciated pampering by my wonderful husband. He brought home Chicken Shack, which I chased with two pints of Guinness, then drew me a lemon oil-scented bath, complete with candles and Delerium on the iPod speakers. I take maybe three baths a year, so it was very nice. After I dried off I got my neck and shoulders rubbed, which were knotted up from the weekend and the flights, then caught up on my email, updated my EVE and WoW characters, then watched Battlestar Galactica and went to bed. Despite being so tired I didn’t fall asleep until after 2:30am and seriously debated calling off work, but dragged myself here anyway, figuring I could get through the next three days before starting a four-day weekend.

There’s a lot to write concerning the weekend, but I need to catch up on work and collect my thoughts before laying it all out. I will say this: whatever the merits of the coastal cities (Miami, Key West), the interior of Florida is for the old and dying (“America’s funeral home”, as brokenbryan put it) and, if at all humanly possible, I will NEVER set foot there again.

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