Sep 212005

I’ll have to settle for hand-me-downs. :oP

A Smokin Hot Meme

1. List one of your strangest rituals you do when you’re alone.

— I frequently have mental conversations with myself, as if I’m speaking to someone wiser, more organized, and more perceptive than I am. This “other” also acts like my personal Jiminy Cricket, and lectures me when I’m being mean, narrow-minded, or petulant.

2. List one thing that nobody knows about you except YOU.

— After the Navy and coming back from Washington state, I went to John Casablancas Modelling School. Reality set in shortly afterward.

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Sep 212005

LJ Interests meme results

  1. bdsm:
    Relatively recent interest for me, and I’m more into the “d” part than anything else. I know sometimes it’s hard to tell though…
  2. daoc:
    Short for Dark Age of Camelot, which was an online game I was obsessed with for over 3 years. Not an interest anymore though.
  3. gay:
  4. hibernia:
    See #2 above. The realm in DAoC my main character originated from, which was a mythic version of ancient Ireland.
  5. magic:
    The “real” thing, not stage magic. Or maybe I meant Magic:The Gathering, the card game; I can’t remember. Neither of them are really an interest anymore beyond occasional nostalgia. I really need to update my interests list…
  6. movies:
    Mostly sci-fi, comedy, some action. Right this second I’m hard-pressed to remember the last really good movie I saw.
  7. online games:
    Currently playing World of Warcraft, City of Villains beta, and (sometimes) EVE Online.
  8. rock climbing:
    Sadly, I haven’t gone climbing in well over a year now. Planet Rock in Pontiac is a bit too far away for regular trips and even though Lifetime Fitness has a climbing wall, they charge too much to use it.
  9. sushi:
    Hai! Need I say more?
  10. world of warcraft:
    I held out against playing this for a long time, but when my ex said he wasn’t playing it anymore, it was too easy to take over his account and make my own characters.

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