Sep 232005

After hanging up til 2:30am last night chatting in City of Heroes (I never did actually do any playing), I dragged my ass to bed and woke myself up sneezing a couple times. This gave me extra incentive to get the ducts cleaned, which is now scheduled for 9am Monday morning. Apparently this will be a really thorough process, since they’ll be there for 5-6 hours. Hopefully at least one of the cleaners is easy on the eyes, and they better do the office vents first, so I can at least get to the computer while they’re doing all this. I’m kind of curious to see exactly how much crud comes out of the ductwork. One of the places I called who described the whole process said to “expect 10-15 pounds of material”. Wow.

Last night Aaron and I met mrimp and his friend JD from San Diego for dinner at J. Alexander in Somerset, then Eric, JD and I did some clothes shopping while Aaron headed home. I got out of Express Gay with a pair of dark chinos, a polo, and a really gay shirt, for only $60 total. The twink helping us was really cute too, but he was the only one in there that was, surprisingly.

Over the speakers they were playing the soundtrack for 1988 or something, and I heard “Killing Jar” by Siouxsie & the Banshees, which I don’t think I’ve heard since the early 90s. When I got home I dug out my CD book from under the TV but, alas, “Peep Show” was one of the CDs stolen from my truck in the Backstreet parking lot years ago. Thank Apple for iTunes!

This morning my sinuses chased me out of bed toward the kleenex at about 9:30, and after staggering around in a daze for a bit, I headed to CVS to get some scrips filled plus some odds and ends. I spent a couple hours finding a duct cleaning company to come out Monday, so now I just have to go to the gym, wash the car, come home, shower, and dress, so I can leave at 4pm to drive to Farmington, in Friday work traffic, to meet Aaron to drive to Ann Arbor.

So much for a relaxing vacation day. At least I’ve gotten some things accomplished.

EDIT: Car wash is not happening. Maybe tomorrow I’ll put brokenbryan to work washing the car with me. I’m sure he’ll love that, won’t ya Bryan?

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