Sep 302005

While doing the “23rd Post” meme, I went back to the beginning of my LJ entries and started laughing when I read the second one, from December 2003. It was inspiring to know that my low opinion of Florida has remained consistent for at least the last 1.5 years:

“I hate Florida. The whole place seems dirty somehow, no matter how
clean and upscale parts of it may be. Development proceeds at a
breakneck pace, yet it still feels like the swamp it once was, as if
the concrete and strip malls were merely a thin veneer over the muck.
There are too many old people there. It’s depressing, like a human
version of the Elephant Graveyard. Everyone goes there to die, and
instead of ivory tusks they leave behind double-wide trailers and
40-year-old bicycles. My friend Chris, who was from Ft. Myers, used to
say that Florida was full of nothing but ‘newlyweds and nearly-deads’.”

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