Oct 252005

I keep checking the news sites looking to see if Patrick Fitzgerald has handed down indictments on members of BushCo yet. The grand jury expires Friday so, unless he extends it, it should happen this week.

Did he do it yet?

<2 minutes later>


<2 minutes later>

How about now? No? Arrrrgghh!!

And remember kids, today’s Word of the Day is: Schadenfreude

Oct 242005

I’m going through another phase of “can’t be bothered” when it comes to updating LJ. There are any number of things I could be commenting on, but when I think about doing it: “meh.”
I started my on-call week on Friday, and my weekend was almost totally screwed up. I put in 8 hours of work on Saturday (yay for overtime), and got woken up at about 3:30am on both Saturday morning and this morning. About the only things I accomplished besides work was doing a lot of laundry (and actually folded most of it!), installing the new ceiling light fixture in the kitchen, dinner with mrimp, and a lot of time logged in City of Heroes and World of Warcraft.

This morning a coworker commented that it “looked like I’d packed on a few pounds”. For someone who has zero personal interest in my appearance to give an unprompted comment about my weight was a real eye-opener (and jaw-dropper). The spinach salad I just had for lunch was quite yummy, and the trip to the gym directly after work will be extra sweaty.

My sister sent me new pictures of my nephew last night and, now that he’s had time to dry out and unwrinkle, is much cuter than when he was “fresh-squeezed”. Women always seem to proclaim newborn (I mean REALLY newborn) babies as “cute”. I don’t see it at all. No matter how blindingly radiant they may become within a week or two, I can hardly call the initial puffy pink prune state “cute” by any stretch of the imagination.

…and I just realized that there’s a meeting in our Warren office building that I was supposed to be at, like, NOW. Time to go…

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Oct 182005

Going out to my car this morning, earlier than I usually leave, I stopped to look at the sky. It was crystal clear, with a full moon like a searchlight. Suddenly a shooting star appeared and streaked toward the east. When I’ve seen shooting stars in the past, they were always just a quick distant streak. This one burned for about three full seconds, and I could actually see the vapor trail it left behind. When the trail burned out, for an instant I could still see the meteorite itself flying along before it cooled to black and disappeared. I wonder if it landed somewhere nearby.

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