Oct 062005

From Bush’s speech this morning: “In fact, we’re not facing a set of grievances” that can be negotiated, Bush said.

Bullshit. Utter bullshit. What this semi-literate fuckstick either ignores or fails to understand is that terrorism is NOT an ideology. It is a tactic. Terrorists USE the tactics of terrorism BECAUSE they typically have grievances that they feel are so inadequately addressed that their only recourse (in their minds, anyway) is to cause violence and kill people to bring attention to their cause. You can kill terrorists all day long, but if the reasons that they become terrorists are never dealt with then you will always be fighting the symptoms and will never cure the disease. We’ve seen it in Northern Ireland (IRA) and Spain (Basque Separatists), and we’re seeing it in Iraq, where with every “insurgent” killed, more take their place.

Of course, this plays perfectly into the hands of Bush Co. and their culture of fear to set us up for a war without end. As long as the War on Terrorism is waged only against the agents of terrorism, and not against the root causes, the “War” will never be over and the fearmongers will control us forever.

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