Dec 012005

And only now, an hour later, is the sweat finally dry. It sure beats doing the stairmaster at the gym and, after about 10 passes through the same song, I found that I DO have some rhythm! Somehow I’ve managed to stay ahead of the Thanksgiving gorging that took place while Aaron and I were at his sister’s in Maryland, despite only exercising Monday and tonight. Cutting back on my eating afterwards helped a lot.

I had a good time over the holiday. Maryland is nice enough, with some beautiful countryside, and downtown Baltimore was surprising. Very clean, modern, and some very cool buildings, including an old power plant that was converted into a Barnes & Noble (complete with smokestacks rising right up through the middle of the store that you can walk through), an ESPN store, and a few others. The aquarium was amazing, if crowded, and the rain forest at the top under the glass pyramid was a great touch. roadster_guy‘s entry about the trip was a lot more detailed, and I don’t feel like re-writing the whole thing. It’s enough that it was a decent trip, and that I could bury myself in World of Warcraft on my laptop to keep my in-laws off my nerves, especially after I set up my bro-in-law’s wireless router and reconfigured their DSL modem. Ah, nerdness…

Tuesday I dug out my Body-for-Life book, and have started toying with the idea of starting the program. Again. I tried it a few years ago and, even though I fell off the wagon about a month in, I was showing progress even without being strict about it. Part of the problem was that I didn’t have a gym membership, so was stuck working out on my Soloflex, which wasn’t really adequate. I think even my ADDness can stick with a 12-week program, and now that Lifetime is just down the street I don’t really have any excuse. I don’t want to enter into it lightly and then give it up, so I’m working up the motivation. It’s a shame that Aaron has too many reasons why he can’t do the program right now, cuz it would benefit us both, and having a workout partner makes things go a lot easier.

At Christmas mrimp and odysseyseven will be staying with us for most of a week, which should be lots of fun in many ways. It’s gonna be gaming overload with 2 PCs, 2 laptops, an Xbox, and a PSP all sharing space and the electric bill. At least we won’t be cold with all those electronics running.
I’ve got my flight booked for Vegas on January 2nd. I’ll be off to Ft. Irwin, California to see my sister and her family including my new nephew. Should be a fun trip, although not as wonderfully geeky as Aaron getting to attend the Consumer Electronics Show. *sob*

I’ve started working on my playlist for the CD swapping project, but I’ve only got three definite choices so far; two of which are on CDs that I don’t quite know the location of at the moment. 😀

In gaming news, my Tauren Druid in WoW hit 19. I’m trying to get 20, and my cat form, before I switch back to my Undead Warlock and push to 40, but I’m not in any hurry. My gaming urge is less than it was before coming back from Maryland. Here it is 6:40pm and I haven’t fired up any games at all yet! The horror!
City of Heroes/Villains isn’t getting a lot of attention at the moment; it’s on another downswing in the interest cycle. I’m more active on our supergroup forums than I am in the actual game. Oh well, the pendulum always swings back.

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