Dec 082005

Stolen from old_fat_punk

Go into your lj calendar. For each month, post the first sentence of the first entry for each month, and the last sentence of the last entry for each month.
This will create a summary of your lj for the year 2005!

3. This could be a problem.
31. Hopefully we can get a copy of the old database to merge into the new board so we don’t lose almost a year’s worth of posts.

1. I just want to hole up on a comfortable couch in a coffee shop, preferably in Europe, wrapped around a hot cup of something with too much chocolate melted into it, and stay there until the world moves on.
25. oooh…shiny…

1. Last night was roadster_guy‘s mother’s surprise birthday dinner at the Palm restaurant.
21. Congress is in a shambles, and getting worse every day.

1. It’s April 1st at Google.
28. Oh well, I planned on spending time after work and running to curse SWG anyway.

1. As already reported by roadster_guy, we spent the weekend at Camp Fishtales for Cyndi’s 20th annual 22nd birthday party.
28. 3 more days to wedded bliss!

4. So now I’m officially married!
30. It must have been the same $40k he was going to use on my contract killing.

5. The weekend was too short, as they all are, but did a lot so it didn’t feel wasted.
29. Some of the details have blurred over the course of the day, but I still remember the vast majority of it.

1. Amun was a mysterious God indeed.
31. 30) What is reddywhp allergic to? Kool Whip

1. As some of you might have heard/read, an evangelical “Christian” group called Repent America, which regularly demonstrates at LGBT events, is claiming that God destroyed New Orleans because of Southern Decadence, the “gay Mardi Gras” that was to start on Wednesday, 8/31.
30. My friend Chris, who was from Ft. Myers, used to say that Florida was full of nothing but ‘newlyweds and nearly-deads’.

4. Sanitized for your protection.
28. Courtesy of Peteykins at

7. You scored as William Wallace.
30. You like to explore all aspects of sexuality because it is something that interests you a lot.

1. And only now, an hour later, is the sweat finally dry.

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