Dec 212005

Here’s a short list of things that are currently filling me with Solstice cheer, in no particular order:
1. A wonderful husband, great friends, a comfortable home, and a full life.
2. Anticipating my mom’s reaction when she opens her present.
3. The impending visit of mrimp and odysseyseven for most of next week. Fun and n3rdness galore!
4. The gift from my in-laws. We can now get our new washer & dryer, OR a plasma TV. Hmm, decisions…
5. Visiting my sister & her family, and seeing my new nephew, in California the first week of January.
6. Seeing the results of all my recent exercise.
7. The great Yule party we attended last weekend.
8. Hearing the I-word pop up all over the place from members of the House and Senate, commentators, and newspaper editorials. Happy Happy Joy Joy!! (Impeachment, for those of you not paying attention)
9. A federal judge, APPOINTED BY BUSH, slapping down the “Intelligent” Designers, and telling them to get their creationist bullshit out of the classroom and back in the mythology section where it belongs. WHEEE!

Hope you all have a great Solstice!

“For a fact, the Christians stole Christmas. We don’t mind sharing it with them, but we don’t like this pretense of theirs that it is the birthday of Jesus. It is the Birthday of the Unconquered Sun–Dies Natalis Invicti Solis. Christmas is a relic of sun worship.

The customs of this time of year endure because they are pleasant customs. It’s fun to hear from distant family and friends, to gather, to feast, to sing. Gifts, as Robert Ingersoll once said, are evidences of friendship, of remembrance, of love.

The evergreens displayed now, as in centuries past, flourish when all else seems dead, and are symbols, as is the returning sun, of enduring life.

In celebrating the Winter Solstice, we celebrate reality.”

— Anne Nicol Gaylor, president emerita, Freedom From Religion Foundation. Speech written for the 8th annual Winter Solstice Party, New Jersey chapter of FFRF, Dec. 22, 1985. (Freethought Today, Jan/Feb 1986)

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