Jan 022006

Half the vacation is over, and the other half is starting out at 34,000 feet on a flight delayed a half hour. I knew the holidays would go by too fast, but it was a good time. Mom showed up about 1pm Christmas Eve, then mrimp and odysseyseven rolled in at about 7:30. Dinner was outstanding of course, since roadster_guy was cooking, which he detailed already. Mom loved her TiVo, and, after setting it up over at Eric’s house overnight, got it installed with a minimum of “cable hell”. Christmas day, Jamie and Eric came back from their overnight stay at the Courtyard Mariott and parked it with us for four days. We did some shopping and hit a few places for dinner, including one misspent evening at Bastone with dirtyglamour and his roommate Jeff. The food was good when we eventually got it, but Bastone was having one of their frequent shitty-service nights. The hostess and the floor manager couldn’t manage lemmings off a cliff, and it took the general manager to get people (namely us) seated and served. At least we got free appetizers along with our serving of attitude from the manager.

Most of the week was low key and involved a lot of various types of gaming (Xbox, PC, PSP). brokenbryan stayed with us Wednesday and Thursday, and it was nice to have a full house. Everyone got along and there was no drama. Bryan loved his shoes, and he got me a very cool shirt and sweater. Eric got us a nice set of cordial glasses, which we used to sample the pear brandy that Jamie brought us from J Winery (sneaky git lied and said they didn’t have any more. *spank*) On Thursday afternoon, Eric and Jamie headed off to their room at the RenCen, and that was the last we saw of them. :o( Thursday night jamie95 had Aaron and I over for dinner at his place, which was a great leg of lamb, roast asparagus, and greek salad. He followed us to Blockbuster where we took an inordinate amount of time to decide to rent The Aviator, then headed to our place. My stomach had been bugging me a bit long before dinner, and shortly after the movie started I got a horrible case of chills. My teeth were chattering and I couldn’t stop shaking. I bundled up in a sweatshirt and sweatpants under a blanket next to Aaron on the couch, and if finally subsided until the movie was over. As soon as I got up it started again, only now I had a 100 degree fever. I dosed myself and went to bed, but woke up too late to join Eric and Jamie at the DIA after they went looking at lofts downtown. We never managed to get ahold of them for the rest of the weekend because SOMEONE NEVER CHECKED HIS PHONE OR CALLED BACK. Bad otter! Bad!

Friday night we headed up to Caro for our friend Sarah’s 30th birthday party. It was fun, and we got to see the up-north friends that we didn’t get to see at Fishtales for the Yule party. Sarah’s husband Rick continues to scramble our gaydar something fierce, but we didn’t see a whole lot of him that night since he was busy playing poker on the other side of the garage.

Saturday was dirtyglamour‘s and Jeff’s New Year’s party. It was a lot of fun. Cool people, hot boys, even some cute straight boys to ogle and amuse ourselves by seeing how they clumped together in the Straight Boy Huddle for protection from the evil homos. :oD

I owe Matt and Jeff a big apology for the mess in the bathroom. I cleaned everything up as best I could considering the state I was in, but it was still unpleasant. I had taken an 800mg Motrin for the knot in my neck shortly before we left for the party, not knowing that ibuprofen or acetaminophen is a BIG no-no when drinking. I had also taken a Claritin because Matt has a cat, but I’m not sure if that also contributed. Three large gin & tonics would never normally make me that drunk, but I went from buzzy to obliterated in about a half hour, with the typical results. :-O*** Aaron took great care of me, and poured me into bed after driving us home.

Yesterday was spent primarily slumped on the couch playing X-men Legends on the Xbox. Not long after I got up, I headed over to Lifetime Fitness and parked my hungover ass in the steamroom for awhile. Several of the ubiquitous creepy old guys followed me in, plus one naked Hot Pocket (cute short guy) who moved over to sit next to me after the trolls took the hint and left. I took advantage of the heavy steam cycles to give him a thrice-over but even this lost its appeal after awhile, so I hit the shower and returned to my couch. I did manage to do all my laundry, fold it, pack my suitcase, and make one trip to 7-Eleven for milk and Gatorade, which was more than Aaron managed and he wasn’t even hung over. He never even got dressed, but he did make me scrambled eggs, which excuses him. :oP

Which brings me to today, winging my way across Flyover Land enroute to Sin City, Nevada, where my sister will meet me and drive me back to her place in the somewhat less sinful Fort Irwin, CA. I can’t wait to see my niece and nephew, although Mollie has warned me there’s damn little to do anywhere nearby. I didn’t work out at all last week, so I’m hoping I can somehow gain access to a gym. Hopefully we can make a trip down to the San Diego zoo, even if my bro-in-law can’t get off work for it. Friday I’ll meet up with Aaron in Vegas and stay the night with our friend Boz, who lives there now, then fly out Saturday evening back to Detwah. Sunday will be spent unpacking and recovering, and the vacation will officially be over. Until DC the following weekend.

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