Jan 072006

The last full day with my sister we took the kids to Sea World in San Diego, a four-hour trip each way. Luckily long car drives knock them both out, because Sydney is at the 3-yr-old-whiny-stage of child development. She wants her way all the time, whines when she doesn’t get it, and cries if you tell her no too forcefully. Fortunately Mollie is no doormat, and never lets her get away with much. I think she’s struck a great balance between letting Syd be a kid, and not letting her be a little monster, like so many other parents do. By the time she gets through the child stage with Gavin, she should teach classes or something.

Sea World was fun. I hadn’t been to any SW since childhood, and the shows were pretty entertaining. Syd loved them all, especially the Pets Rule show, which was all performed by a horde of trained cats, dogs, and pigs, running all over a huge stage set up with all kinds of props for them to do tricks on. It was pretty amazing, and all of the animals had been rescuees from shelters. Uncle Ryan scored more points by buying Syd a stuffed penguin from the penguin house, which she clutched everywhere she went for the entire day and the trip out to Vegas yesterday. I rule. :oD I took some pics, but mostly video from the shows, which I’ll try to cobble together when I get back.

Yesterday we drove back to Vegas to meet Aaron, so he could take me and our friend Boz through the CES. Holy shit. What an orgasmic gadget-fest. I lusted after the 103″ HD plasma TV ($60,000), ogled at Asimo, Honda’s humanoid robot, and stood literally slackjawed throughout the entire PlayStation 3 demo. We’re already planning to start saving for one, and not buying any more Xbox games. Just…wow…The newest generation of consoles has surpassed anything you’ll find on a PC right now. If only because PC developers have to make their games run on lower-end machines as well as the top-of-the-line. Consoles devs don’t, and it shows.

After CES we went to the Rio resort and had their seafood buffet, which was worth every bit of the $35. We waddled back out the door and headed to Boz’s spiffy new condo in Henderson and, after recovering for awhile, went to check out Apollo, one of the gay venues in Vegas. It was comparable to Bodyzone in Detroit, but a fair bit nicer and somewhat larger. Not much of a crowd, but we were there before the bars let out. We were really wiped out after that, so called it a night. This morning we hit the brunch buffet at Sunset Station, one of the hotel/casino joints that are for the locals. The food was good, but we controlled ourselves and were only minimally stuffed when we left.

Now, I’m sitting in McCarran airport at my gate, about to head back to cold, miserable Detroit. At least I have tomorrow to recover before heading back to work. Aaron just texted me to tell me that he just turned $3 into $52 at the Lake Las Vegas Casino, where he’s at with Boz. He’s been hitting like that ever since he got here, while all I’ve managed to do is lose $20. I have certain kinds “life-event luck”, but it’s almost a joke how bad my “gambler’s luck” is.

Next stop, Michigan.

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