Jan 102006

Thanks to the cold my three year old niece coughed on me repeatedly while I was in Cali, I ended up calling off yesterday and going back to bed after a shot of Nyquil. After I woke up at about noon-thirty, I proceeded to do nothing all day but dose myself on Airborne and Tylenol Cold & Sinus. Oh yeah, and play World of Warcraft of course. I finally made level 40 with my warlock and got my dreadsteed mount, complete with flaming hooves, eyes, and nostrils. Very sweet-looking. I wanted to play some CoH/V, but couldn’t generate enough interest until it was too late because Battlestar Galactica was on.

OMG what a great season opener! Can’t wait for part 2 of it this Friday, which we won’t end up seeing until Monday because we’re always doing something on Friday night. Fortunately we both have Monday off for MLK day (Yay for the UAW!). I did manage to rouse myself enough to finally take down and put away the christmas tree, the folding table and chairs we’d put up in the office for Jamie and Eric’s use, and rearrange everything back the way it was pre-holidays. I also did two loads of dishes. Exciting stuff! w00t! Aaron made a great dinner of sauteed lamb tips, Middle Eastern style, on a bed of hummus, rice & sliced almonds, and warm pita bread. Mighty tasty.

This morning I downed a couple of Dayquil capsules and a Concerta and forced myself into work for the first time in 17 days. I got through my backlog of 150 emails, my time sheets, and a couple of web proxy issues, before the drugs all kicked in. Once they did, the morning got a lot more interesting. Up until about an hour ago, I’ve been a little lightheaded, slightly loopy, and kept having brief, but frequent, flashes of detachment, as if I was hearing and seeing everything through a sheet of glass. I’ve also been bemused when talking to people, and told a coworker that his ID badge picture looked like something that art departments try to restore after a couple hundred years. Seriously, it was so old and faded it looked like a photo of the shroud of Turin.

I really wanted to get some exercise today, but I don’t think that’s a good idea at the moment. I managed a few workouts when I was in Cali, but nothing since Wednesday. I also forgot my Airborne this morning, and it’s definitely been helping keep this cold from being much worse. I highly recommend it to anyone at high risk for getting sick (traveling, have kids, spending time in crowded places, etc).

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