Jan 192006

Friday: Drove to DTW. At the check-in counter had to rearrange items between suitcases due to weight. Flight delayed 1.5 hours. Felt irritated. Got into First Class on standby. Felt superior. Rolled our luggage through the city and on the Metro. Felt vulnerable. It was warm out. Checked into Holiday Inn/Washingtone Grande. Lobby smelled like old people. Met up with mrimp, odysseyseven, and tugthumper. They had the room next door. Went to Green Lantern. Drank. Ran into reddywhp, ruffsstuff, and jockbdboy. Greeted. roadster_guy picked up Ashe at the hotel, brought him to Green Lantern. Drank again. Went back to hotel, changed. Went to Washington Plaza hotel where everyone was in the lobby. Met codeboi, drewan, and Patrick (OutRage). Reacquainted with some people from last year. Drank. Went to Dakota Cowgirl (“Dakota Fanning”), formerly Hamburger Mary, for burgers. Tasty food. Luis the waiter made eyes at me. Icky.

Saturday: Ate muffins. Jake the barber gave me and Aaron haircuts. Eric, Jamie, Drew, and I met up with Andrew at the Green Lantern for a drink and some Rough Trade group pics. We (minus Andrew) travelled downtown toward the International Spy Museum. It was chilly and windy. Eric diverted us to H&M, the Ikea of clothing. Bought a Chinese Communist Party hat, minus the red star, and a shirt. Spent $15. H&M stores in Michigan must open soon. I command it. Went to Spy Museum. Extremely cool. Lots of exhibits, information, and interactive displays. Bought a book on office espionage. Coworkers beware. Got too hungry to stay and see all of it. Went across the street to Gordon Biersch restaurant. Ate great food, drank good beer, made eyes at blond Dutch waiter. Ogled the classical architecture mixed with brushed stainless deco. Walked back to hotel. VERY cold. VERY windy. Met up with Mike from last year’s trip for about an hour. Was moderately entertained. Changed. Went back to WP. Socialized. Watched Ashe get very drunk and silly. Was moderately entertained

Sunday: Drew left for his flight before we woke up. Bummer. Went back to Dakota Fanning for breakfast. Absolute shit. Luis “waited” on us again. Absolute shit. Never going back. Aaron, Jamie, Eric, Ashe, and I did some DC touring. Walked around the White House. Thought it would be bigger. Fantasized about being a super-powered ninja assassin. Remember, regime change begins at home. Walked to Washington Monument. Was suitably impressed. No tours that day. Bummer. We nearly froze solid and blew away in the wind. Walked to Jefferson Memorial. Was suitably humbled and reverent. Suppressed urge to pray to Mr. Jefferson to come back to us and start kicking some ass. Couldn’t continue to Lincoln Memorial. Too cold, too hungry. Packed into taxi and went back to hotel. Warmed up, chilled out, played X-Men Legends II on Eric’s PSP. Must acquire one. Aaron, Ashe, and I Metro’d across town to Cafe Berlin for real German food. Jaegerschnitzel. Kaesespetzel. Hefeweizen. Absolute perfection. Went back to WP for final-night socializing and good-byes.

Monday: Discovered my cold was back full force from walking in the cold wind all day. Felt irritated. Did some last minute shopping at WP. Made last good-byes. Rolled our luggage through the city and on the Metro. Felt vulnerable. Ate at Au Bon Pain (“The Good Pain”). Said goodbye to Jamie. Felt bad for Eric and Jamie having to separate. Gave Jamie a goodbye purr. But just one! Went to airport. Got into First Class on standby again. Felt superior again. Played more X-Men during the flight on Eric’s PSP. Must acquire one. Arrived home. Unpacked. Did laundry. Took cold medicine. Played XBox. That is all.

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Jan 192006

Tracks I’ve been playing a lot lately:

“What’s Going On” by A Perfect Circle

“The Noose” by A Perfect Circle

“As Day Is Long” by Chris Whitley

“Bankrupt On Selling” by Modest Mouse

“Styrofoam Boots” by Modest Mouse

“Automatic (featuring Stranger Days)” by Richard “Humpty” Vission

“Fix You” by Coldplay

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