Feb 272006

Friday night jamie95 convinced me to join him at Pulse in Detroit for the Guerilla Queer bar gathering. I resisted at first, but he and Aaron were persuasive, and I needed to get out of the house and out in the world after my insular angst-fest of the previous week. Pulse is a pretty nice place: about the same size and shape as Pronto’s bar area, but longer and better decorated. The music was mostly forgettable but only somewhat too loud for conversation. Sadly, they were fresh out of perspective, but they DO make a mean Key Lime martini. I think I got about five people to order their own after sampling mine.

While we were I met denverguy81 and his partner mikeyfettish for the first time in real life. They’re both fun guys, and very cute. (Matt, where are the pictures?! :P) I also met the lovely cretakano, and she and I had an interesting discussion about coming out experiences. I also ran into our buddies Jeff, Johnny, and Crew, who I hadn’t seen in quite awhile (Johnny & Crew, I mean), and met their friends Dan & Ryan. We only stayed for a few hours, but it was a good time and I’ll definitely go back sometime.

Saturday Aaron, brokenbryan, and I did some shopping at Old Navy, Michael’s, and Target, bought some clothes, had some Panera, then sat around letting the food settle before I headed to the gym prior to mrimp coming over for dinner. Afterwards we got ourselves suitably attired for City Club (black t-shirt, boots, and kilt for me), and drove over to azazal78‘s place. exotica66, abusedheart19, and nakednerd piled into Scott’s car and we were off. I hadn’t been to City Club in almost ten years, and neither Aaron, Bryan, nor Eric had ever been there. I used to be a semi-regular, and it was interesting to see what had changed and what hadn’t. The exterior looks much better but the inside is much the same. Black walls, with a lot of abstract designs painted in white. They’ve gotten a lot more draconian about their rules: no spikes, no cell phones, and the bouncer regularly yells at people to get off the wall, which I don’t really understand the purpose of. The music is still outstanding, and was a mix of old and new goth-industrial. I even danced a lot, with minimal alcohol! I got a couple compliments on my kilt (from girls), and one guy who said, “You’re wearing your skirt again?”. I’m like, ‘Again? Do I know you?’ I didn’t say anything though, and thought it odd that he would comment on a tan kilt, when I was hardly the strangest sight he could have seen there. We stayed til almost 2:30, then dragged our weary butts home.

Yesterday we drove down to Ferndale and Royal Oak for a little more shopping and lunch at Pronto, then I took Bryan home so Aaron could study, and pack for his overnight to Tennessee. On the way back, while stopped for gas, I took pity on some girl who was desperate for gas money to get back to Port Huron. I don’t remember the particulars of her sob story, but her body language said she was on the level so I spotted her $5. She wasn’t getting my twenty, however. :o)

Today we meet our new boss at 3pm. Nobody really knows anything about him except his name and a vague physical description. I dressed a bit nicer than usual for the occasion, and after I got to work realized I’m wearing the colors of The Agenda (my City of Villains group): dark gray slacks, dark red polo, and black shoes. Hopefully I won’t have to call up my mercenaries to deal with the new boss if he’s an asshole. :oP

Feb 242006

“Confronted with the growing realization that feeling anything simply leads to pain, fear and disappointment, people draw back inside themselves and dare to feel nothing at all. The average person today has little more in the way of free time than most ancient hunter-gatherers did, but considerably more stress and far less in the way of any kind of spirituality. The materialism of the modern world has not resulted in a more rewarding life but instead in one that is more comfortable and bereft of difficult or important questions, a life in which it is far easier simply to go through the motions. Most people toil for causes of dubious value to feed and perpetuate a cycle of evergrowing complexity in which human beings become ever more distant from themselves and one another.

That is the heart of the problem. It is to be found in the steady bloodletting of the human desire to be free and happy. It hides in the fast food, designer clothing lines, and miracle stain removers that people produce, consume and long for without really understanding why. It is in the desire for meaningless things and the ache left by the absence of those things that have true value. While it is elementary to say these things, remember that no one’s life has ever been directly saved by paperwork and yet people have died because of it. How skewed are the priorities that allow things like that to happen? The world is what it is primarily because human beings have come to deny so much of what it means to be human in the face of morals, beliefs, and values they have been told they have, or should have, in order to fit in and be part of this brave new world.”

–anonymous and heavily paraphrased

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Feb 212006

“So, actors are lining up for all the good gay parts so they can win awards… but the funny thing is, Tom Cruise has been playing a straight man for years and hasn’t won a thing”

— Best Week Ever, VH-1

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Feb 212006

from http://blog.wired.com/gadgets/

Arm Severed In Car Crash Found Still Clutching Cell Phone
In a car crash that perfectly illustrates the importance of hands-free mobile devices, a Kentucky woman flipped her truck after veering into the median, and severed her arm in the crash. Fortunately, the woman and her six-year-old daughter survived the crash, and paramedics were able to locate the woman’s severed arm, which was found still clutching the phone she was talking on when the crash began. The woman was flown to the hospital in serious condition. Use your headsets, people!

Feb 152006

I just got an email back from Ellington Leather. My bag is still under the one-year warranty, so I can send it in to be fixed for free. I’ll be without it for upwards of three weeks, but that’s better than shelling out for a new one. If I suggest rotating the attach points to take the torsion off the strap when it’s worn across the opposite shoulder, I wonder if they’ll do it…

Despite being without Aaron for VD, I still had an entertaining evening. mrimp came over after work bearing food from Noodles, so we ate while oohing and ahhing over PBS’s High Definition channel. Then I showed him the demo for Civilization 4 and we both fought the urge to buy and download the whole game. Aaron would kill me…then start playing it himself. After that we threw down some Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, and ended up pretty much tied for number of fights won. I need to look up the Fatality moves…

I stayed up too late, then accidentally shut the alarm off this morning. Luckily I was only a half hour late and no one really cares anyway. Gotta find the energy to get to the gym today though.

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Feb 142006

This morning when I started to sling my messenger bag over my shoulder, the slight tear in the strap stitching that had been there for months said, “Goodbye, cruel world!” and sheared all the way through. This sucks. I love this bag and have only had it six months. SonomaOutfitters.com doesn’t carry it anymore so I sent an email to the manufacturer, Ellington Leather, to see if they do repairs and to suggest a slight design change that would have probably prevented the tear in the first place. If not, I’ll need to find a leather repair shop. Anybody know of a good leather shop in the Detroitish area?

Other than that the weekend was pretty good. Friday we drove up to our friends’ place in Bay City and drank martinis in their bar, crashed at the local Econo Lodge, then saw brokenbryan‘s outstanding play the next morning. It really sucked that the judges were clueless asshats who “didn’t get it”. Everyone else thought it was a great modern interpretation of “The Trojan Women”. One judge actually complained that they should have had a fog machine on stage. *rolls eyes*

After that we met up with Cyndi & Kurt again for breakfast at a Polish buffet restaurant nearby, whose name I can’t remember, and could neither spell it nor pronounce it anyway. Then we stopped at Gypsy’s, a coffe shop/deli/metaphysical store, and browsed for a bit. We headed home, chilled for awhile, then got ready for company. mrimp, thafuzz, and diverdude5134 showed up for baked rigatoni with pancetta(sp?), booze, and Eddie Izzard’s “Dress to Kill” concert on DVD. Then we watched the godawful soft-core German prison “movie” (and I use that term very loosely), “Locked Up”, that roadster_guy mentioned. It was wretchedly bad, but we couldn’t stop watching just in case it got better by some miracle. We followed up with “Dark Fury”, a Peter Chung cartoon that was the bridge between “Pitch Black” and “Chronicles of Riddick”. It was great, but too short.

Sunday was spent gaming until Mom showed up in the late afternoon for her birthday dinner at the Palm. After dinner we worked on her finances, then watched some of the Olympics. I hardly did a damn thing at work yesterday, but at least I ate pretty healthy and went to the gym almost immediately after I got home. I changed all my exercises and added weight to them, so I’m more sore today than usual after a workout, which is a good thing.

I’ve got the place to myself tonight, since Aaron is in Nashville, so after the gym I’ll be doing some serious vegging: catalog more of my comic collection for it’s eventual trip to eBay, and finally join up with my City of Heroes group for the Tuesday night event that I always seem to have to skip for one reason or another.

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