Feb 062006

“Halliburton, the first corporation into Iraq, contractually speaking, and the biggest financial winner in the “reconstruction” sweepstakes for that deconstructed country, fortuitously also found itself perched right atop the list of post-Katrina New Orleans reconstruction contractors. Now, through its subsidiary KBR, known for building military bases to last, as well as Guantanamo’s infamous “cages,” Halliburton gets a shot at the real American thing – actual emergency detention centers for “immigrants” – or, hey, in a crisis, for whomever. The Army Corps of Engineers awarded it a contract last month – though the story only oozed out this week – worth up to $385 million (not including the near-obligatory overcharges) for, according to the New York Times, “an unexpected influx of immigrants, to house people in the event of a natural disaster, or for new programs that require additional detention space.” It’s those “new programs” that give special pause.”

from TomDispatch.org via Truthout.org

Feb 062006

EDIT: I didn’t realize that not everyone has the contact info list, so I’ll be emailing that out to everyone when I get home from work today. Sorry!

Well, I’m running a week late, but my mix CD will be going out today after work, so y’all should have it no later than Thursday. Here’s the remainder of the schedule, as a reminder:

Feb. first half: Steve [info]thafuzz
Feb. second half: Jeff [info]psychesdesire
Mar. first half: Heather [info]divinedemon
Mar. second half: Paul/Scott [info]azazal78/[info]exotica66
Apr. first half: Andy [info]a2andy
Apr. second half: Matt [info]dirtyglamour
May first half: Jeff [info]merksamer
May second half: Jamie [info]jamie95
Jun. first half: Chris [info]pozjournal
Jun. second half: Mike [info]_kosh_

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