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EDIT: I didn’t realize that not everyone has the contact info list, so I’ll be emailing that out to everyone when I get home from work today. Sorry!

Well, I’m running a week late, but my mix CD will be going out today after work, so y’all should have it no later than Thursday. Here’s the remainder of the schedule, as a reminder:

Feb. first half: Steve [info]thafuzz
Feb. second half: Jeff [info]psychesdesire
Mar. first half: Heather [info]divinedemon
Mar. second half: Paul/Scott [info]azazal78/[info]exotica66
Apr. first half: Andy [info]a2andy
Apr. second half: Matt [info]dirtyglamour
May first half: Jeff [info]merksamer
May second half: Jamie [info]jamie95
Jun. first half: Chris [info]pozjournal
Jun. second half: Mike [info]_kosh_


Similar to what Aaron did for his, I started fast and gradually slowed down. Most of this stuff can be found on either iTunes or MusicMatch.

“Automatic (featuring Stranger Days)” by Richard “Humpty” Vission, from “Automatic – EP”
I started hearing this on Sirius channel 33 and loved it but, because my radio doesn’t display song titles, it took a couple weeks before the DJ announced it. Mr. Vission played at Pure in Detroit for New Year’s Eve 2006, and I was kind of sorry I missed it. More techno songs should have guitar licks in them.

“Brooklyn is Burning” by Head Automatica, from “Decadence”
I first heard this from roadster_guy (like about four other songs on this disc), and loved the horns and funk influence. It’s fluff, but it’s catchy fluff.

“Styrofoam Boots – It’s All Nice On Ice Alright”” by Modest Mouse, from “The Lonesome Crowded West”
A few months ago some friends were raving about Modest Mouse, so I downloaded this and “Bankrupt on Selling”. I hated both of them and ignored them for weeks. I finally gave them another couple of listens while traveling for work and they grew on me. The singer sounds like the love child of Gomer Pyle and Forrest Gump, but the lyrics are smart and music has a raw sound that makes you feel like you’re sitting in a small club right in front of the stage. I expect I’ll be getting some more of their stuff. Any recommendations?

“Ornaments of Gold” by Siouxsie & the Banshees, from “Peep Show”
Reaching WAY back to 1988 for this one, and you’ll have to turn it up because it was mixed pretty low for some reason. Peep Show is one of my all-time favorite albums and one I can listen to repeatedly without skipping any tracks except one or two. The album is appropriately named, with each song being a glimpse into a different twisted life: a peepshow dancer, an arsonist, a junkie, a little girl with an evil imaginary friend, and so on. Peek-A-Boo, The Killing Jar, Scarecrow, and Burn Up are my other favorites from this one.

“Delirium (radio edit)” by Euphoria, from “Delirium (Remixes)”
Another one I first heard from Aaron, I know absolutely nothing about this band other than they have at least two albums, and that this song has been used to promote the movie Vanilla Sky, and was in the TV shows Malcolm in the Middle and Roswell. There’s more info on their stuff to be found on Amazon.com, and both albums are available on iTunes.

“History Repeating (featuring Shirley Bassey)” by Propellerheads, from “Decksanddrumsandrockandroll”
I originally bought this album because it had Spybreak! on it, which was the music used in the lobby fight scene from The Matrix. I never paid any attention to Shirley Bassey until I heard this; my loss. Wow, what a voice.

“My Happiness” by Powderfinger, from “Odyssey Number Five”
This song was released in 2001 and even though I thought this Australian band was a one-hit wonder, it turns out that they’ve had four very well-reviewed albums. Another great band that didn’t get nearly the attention it deserved. I can put this one on repeat five or six times easily and bounce around to it.

“Rosensfole” by Agnes Buen Garnås and Jan Garbarek, from “Rosensfole”
This is based on a traditional Norwegian song which tells the story of an out-of-control rose-colored foal that breaks free from his locked paddock and runs wild across the countryside before drowning in the sea. I got this from a CD that was released for the game Dark Age of Camelot, a compilation of traditional Celtic, British, and Scandinavian music. The CD isn’t available anymore, but all of the songs can be gotten from their original sources.

“As Day Is Long” by Chris Whitley, from “Soft Dangerous Shores”
Again, Aaron discovered this one, and I’ll have to get more of Chris Whitley’s work very soon. Primarily blues, a lot of his stuff is acoustic, and two of his nine(!) albums were internet-only releases. Sadly, he died of lung cancer in 2005, at age 45. iTunes has all nine albums if you like this.

“Fix You” by Coldplay, from “X & Y”
They’ve just started playing this one on the radio, but I was digging it long before that. At first listen I was, like, “oh god, another whiny Coldplay song.” Then the guitar kicked in about halfway through and the song just soars.

“My Emptiness” by “Monster” Mike Welch, from “Axe to Grind”
A blues guitarist from Boston, Mike Welch is pretty famous in the blues scene. I found this during the dark and dreary nights working at ISS, on some streaming web radio site. By his own admission, he’s never been a great vocalist, but on this track you’re not listening for the vocals. The instrumental section is haunting and, for the perfect effect, best listened to while driving through a city at night, in the rain.

“Waiting for the Night to Fall” by Portishead
A great cover of the Depeche Mode song, I haven’t been able to find the source of this anywhere; not iTunes, nor MusicMatch, nor Google, so I’m wondering if it’s really Portishead. Oh, and I kinda screwed up: the song is actually “Waiting for the Night”, minus the “to Fall” bit. Oh well.

“What’s Going On?” by A Perfect Circle, from “eMOTIVe”
Another fantastic cover of the Marvin Gaye anti-war song, this one’s very breathy and quiet. Maynard James Keenan is awesome, but WHY does he torture me by waiting five years between Tool albums?! At least I have A Perfect Circle to tide me over.

“Isobella” by Enya, from “May It Be – EP”
People love to make Enya jokes, but she really does have a beautiful voice, especially on this song. I do find myself wondering, though, if her voice is really that good or if she has some help from the studio, because her recordings always sound kind of, I dunno, processed. I’d love to hear her live and a cappella, and hear what she really sounds like.

“World of Warcraft: Legends” by Jason Hayes, from the game “World of Warcraft” of course.
Please take note that my screen name is “Nerdimus Prime”.
Not “Moderately Nerdy”.
Not “Occasionally Nerdy On Alternate Sundays When No One Is Looking”.
Hence, I felt compelled to include the main theme from the game I’ve been playing too much lately (me, and 5.5 million other people). It may be from a video game, but it’s still pretty damn cool, and I’d love to have it extended by about two minutes, and hear it played by a full orchestra. I should have futzed with the equalizer settings though, as the bass is a little too high for the kettle drums and drowns out the strings.


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