Feb 142006

This morning when I started to sling my messenger bag over my shoulder, the slight tear in the strap stitching that had been there for months said, “Goodbye, cruel world!” and sheared all the way through. This sucks. I love this bag and have only had it six months. SonomaOutfitters.com doesn’t carry it anymore so I sent an email to the manufacturer, Ellington Leather, to see if they do repairs and to suggest a slight design change that would have probably prevented the tear in the first place. If not, I’ll need to find a leather repair shop. Anybody know of a good leather shop in the Detroitish area?

Other than that the weekend was pretty good. Friday we drove up to our friends’ place in Bay City and drank martinis in their bar, crashed at the local Econo Lodge, then saw brokenbryan‘s outstanding play the next morning. It really sucked that the judges were clueless asshats who “didn’t get it”. Everyone else thought it was a great modern interpretation of “The Trojan Women”. One judge actually complained that they should have had a fog machine on stage. *rolls eyes*

After that we met up with Cyndi & Kurt again for breakfast at a Polish buffet restaurant nearby, whose name I can’t remember, and could neither spell it nor pronounce it anyway. Then we stopped at Gypsy’s, a coffe shop/deli/metaphysical store, and browsed for a bit. We headed home, chilled for awhile, then got ready for company. mrimp, thafuzz, and diverdude5134 showed up for baked rigatoni with pancetta(sp?), booze, and Eddie Izzard’s “Dress to Kill” concert on DVD. Then we watched the godawful soft-core German prison “movie” (and I use that term very loosely), “Locked Up”, that roadster_guy mentioned. It was wretchedly bad, but we couldn’t stop watching just in case it got better by some miracle. We followed up with “Dark Fury”, a Peter Chung cartoon that was the bridge between “Pitch Black” and “Chronicles of Riddick”. It was great, but too short.

Sunday was spent gaming until Mom showed up in the late afternoon for her birthday dinner at the Palm. After dinner we worked on her finances, then watched some of the Olympics. I hardly did a damn thing at work yesterday, but at least I ate pretty healthy and went to the gym almost immediately after I got home. I changed all my exercises and added weight to them, so I’m more sore today than usual after a workout, which is a good thing.

I’ve got the place to myself tonight, since Aaron is in Nashville, so after the gym I’ll be doing some serious vegging: catalog more of my comic collection for it’s eventual trip to eBay, and finally join up with my City of Heroes group for the Tuesday night event that I always seem to have to skip for one reason or another.

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