Feb 152006

I just got an email back from Ellington Leather. My bag is still under the one-year warranty, so I can send it in to be fixed for free. I’ll be without it for upwards of three weeks, but that’s better than shelling out for a new one. If I suggest rotating the attach points to take the torsion off the strap when it’s worn across the opposite shoulder, I wonder if they’ll do it…

Despite being without Aaron for VD, I still had an entertaining evening. mrimp came over after work bearing food from Noodles, so we ate while oohing and ahhing over PBS’s High Definition channel. Then I showed him the demo for Civilization 4 and we both fought the urge to buy and download the whole game. Aaron would kill me…then start playing it himself. After that we threw down some Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, and ended up pretty much tied for number of fights won. I need to look up the Fatality moves…

I stayed up too late, then accidentally shut the alarm off this morning. Luckily I was only a half hour late and no one really cares anyway. Gotta find the energy to get to the gym today though.

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