Feb 212006

“So, actors are lining up for all the good gay parts so they can win awards… but the funny thing is, Tom Cruise has been playing a straight man for years and hasn’t won a thing”

— Best Week Ever, VH-1

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Feb 212006

from http://blog.wired.com/gadgets/

Arm Severed In Car Crash Found Still Clutching Cell Phone
In a car crash that perfectly illustrates the importance of hands-free mobile devices, a Kentucky woman flipped her truck after veering into the median, and severed her arm in the crash. Fortunately, the woman and her six-year-old daughter survived the crash, and paramedics were able to locate the woman’s severed arm, which was found still clutching the phone she was talking on when the crash began. The woman was flown to the hospital in serious condition. Use your headsets, people!

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