Feb 242006

“Confronted with the growing realization that feeling anything simply leads to pain, fear and disappointment, people draw back inside themselves and dare to feel nothing at all. The average person today has little more in the way of free time than most ancient hunter-gatherers did, but considerably more stress and far less in the way of any kind of spirituality. The materialism of the modern world has not resulted in a more rewarding life but instead in one that is more comfortable and bereft of difficult or important questions, a life in which it is far easier simply to go through the motions. Most people toil for causes of dubious value to feed and perpetuate a cycle of evergrowing complexity in which human beings become ever more distant from themselves and one another.

That is the heart of the problem. It is to be found in the steady bloodletting of the human desire to be free and happy. It hides in the fast food, designer clothing lines, and miracle stain removers that people produce, consume and long for without really understanding why. It is in the desire for meaningless things and the ache left by the absence of those things that have true value. While it is elementary to say these things, remember that no one’s life has ever been directly saved by paperwork and yet people have died because of it. How skewed are the priorities that allow things like that to happen? The world is what it is primarily because human beings have come to deny so much of what it means to be human in the face of morals, beliefs, and values they have been told they have, or should have, in order to fit in and be part of this brave new world.”

–anonymous and heavily paraphrased

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