Mar 062006

Just ordered, and should arrive by Thursday: eVga GeForce 7800GS CO Superclocked 256MB AGP video card with DDR3 and TV/DVI

I know someone will ask, “Why did you get AGP instead of PCI-e? They’re the same price and PCI-e will eventually make AGP obsolete!” Because I don’t feel like buying a new motherboard just for a PCI-e slot, that’s why.

Let us pray…

“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of Lag, I will fear no poly count. Lead me not into a slideshow, but deliver me some framerate. Amen!”

Mar 062006

Me: I may need to get my ring resized if I continue to work out. I was shaking water off my hands and it flew off, bounced off the counter, and ricocheted off the mirror before I caught it in midair. I was rather proud of that.

Eric: Wow yeah that was a good catch! it could have been the cold water too, that happens to me if I wash in cold water.

Me: most likely, but even now with dry hands I can pull it off pretty easily.

Eric: You should have them add little balls into the ring to prevent it from slipping.

Me: I think you just described a cockring.

Eric: Oh dear

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Mar 062006

Friday night _cellardo0r_ and thafuzz dropped by for yet another outstanding roadster_guy meal and a guitar jam session. I would have accompanied them on the pots and pans but, in my mercy, spared them and went to pick up brokenbryan instead. They were still rocking the house when we returned but called it a night a couple hours later.

Saturday I dragged Bryan to the gym with me, and he’s still cursing my name. He’d shake his fist at me too, if he could raise his arms above his shoulders. :oP
Around 6pm mrimp arrived and we made the trek out to Ann Arbor for a2andy‘s wine party. It was a great time, with appearances by lingostarr, ky_ethan, nakednerd, alien88, chucknoblet, Chani and Gabby, plus some new folks (new to me anyway). Phil loaned me a new Wild Cards novel, which I’ll dig into as soon as I finish the new Peter Hamilton, Judas Unchained, which is great, but it’s taking me forever to get through it (six days).

Sunday was pretty lazy, and we just did some shopping at Nordstrom Rack and lunch at Red Robin before Aaron took Bryan home. After having guests and being social all weekend, being in an empty house was unnerving. It was too quiet and still, which led to sad and gloomy thoughts, so I turned on iTunes and buried myself in my book. I’ve had this problem with Sundays for years for some reason, but I don’t encounter it much since being with Aaron, as we’re usually busy doing something and it doesn’t affect me. I don’t know how my poor mother deals with living in that tomb of a condo by herself all the time. I have much more sympathy for her about it now.

Aaron made a great shrimp & artichoke pasta bake, which we scarfed down while sitting at the computers and keeping one eye on the Oscars. Jon Stewart made a great host this year, and I really loved the fake campaign-style ad they ran about Dame Judi Dench not being a real Dame. I was surprised that Crash won best picture, but I don’t think Brokeback Mountain really qualified for it. It was a good movie that deserved it’s awards and mainstream credibility, but it was so damn slow and boring. Heath Ledger is looking surprisingly un-hot lately, which is unfortunate, especially with that Christian Slater hairdo and devil mustache/goatee thing. Maybe it’s for a current movie or something. Ryan Phillipe and Jake Gylenhaal remain highly lustworthy, however.

I could NOT get to sleep last night. Kept reading the book until almost 2am, then just layed there for a half hour before going back to the office and continuing reading, followed by a couple missions in City of Heroes. I finally started getting sleepy and went to bed around 4:30, and I’m hurting now after a whole two hours of sleep. I should have called off. On the plus side, being this exhausted keeps my ADD in check. It’s very quiet in my head right now, but I don’t recommend sleep deprivation as a regular treatment. :o)

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