Mar 092006

Got the new vid card yesterday and wasted no time installing. Running City of Villains at 1280×1024 @ 75Hz, all graphic options turned on and maxed out, with 5 summoned pets and a force field generator, in combat with 4 mobs, I was getting between 23-31 fps. w00t! I actually expected a bit higher framerate, but it may be because my CPU is only 2.4Ghz.

I cranked World of Warcraft up to 1280×1024 as well, with all the shading options and full-screen glow turned on, but I’m actually not sure I like it. There was too much of a soft-focus effect, and each object tended to blend into the one next to it, making it slightly difficult to keep your eyes on one area of the screen.

The Half-Life 2 demo was stunning. It’s the most realistic looking game I’ve seen to date, and in certain indoor locations you could almost pretend you were looking through a window into an actual room instead of a CGI construct.

Despite the orgy of nerdiness, I did actually go to the gym and work on the comic book cataloging. Box and a quarter to go.

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