Apr 042006

(I’m still giggling over this new icon, courtesy of ubiquitousadh by way of agent00groovey)

I stumbled across an article about Web 2.0 this morning, mistakenly thinking it was about Internet 2. Web 2.0 is the term for the way that web content seems to be headed: user-created and open-source, rather than delivered to passive surfers; things like MySpace, Flickr, YouTube, Second Life, and so on. And not only social sites, but also web-based applications that have nearly the functionality of standalone applications, but are accessible anywhere you have web access: calendar, to-do manager, word processing, etc.

I’d come across some of these flash-in-the-pan things before, and after ten minutes the gee whiz factor burned out and I totally forgot about them. Only a few turned out to be useful enough to use on a regular basis: LiveJournal of course, Flickr, and very occasionally Streamload. Heck, I’d almost forgotten about Streamload, and I’ve been paying $5 a month for it. Wish I’d remembered it when I was moving files between computers with my USB drive. *rolls eyes*

ANYway, I’m starting to take a poke at some of the recommended apps to see if I’d actually use them on a regular basis: CalendarHub could be very useful. Even though I have a PDA, I usually forget about things we’re planning, cuz I don’t put them in it. Since I spend so much time staring at a monitor, maybe that would work better. Writely or Zoho could be useful: they’re both web-based word processors that are free, and Zoho also has a planner.

I’m still avoiding MySpace, however. Despite the fact that they add one million new users about every four days, I still don’t feel young and/or hip enough to have any business on there. Whenever I think “MySpace” the first thing that pops into my head is “emo kids”. Still, an unwillingness to try new things is one of the signs of getting old, so maybe I should take a look at it after all. :oP

Aramark (or as I call them: Aramark-up), the catering company who runs the cafeteria here at work, usually makes decently edible, if overpriced, food. Sometimes they really impress me though, as with today’s strawberry almond chicken salad: almond encrusted baked chicken breast with sliced almonds, strawberries, and mandarin oranges, with rigatoni pasta and a sweet poppyseed dressing. Yum.

Now I’m off to Outer Drive to find a missing hard drive to return to the vendor, then homeward bound. Later!

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