May 032006

Well…the jury’s still out on how much I like the new Tool album, and that’s hard for me to admit, because I’m a diehard fan. I’ve listened to it while paying close attention twice, and then put it on repeat in the background while I played City of Heroes yesterday.

There are some great tracks on it, but so far there hasn’t been any single song that made me sit straight up and say, “Holy shit!” before screaming along with it. The closest so far are ‘The Pot’, ‘Vicarious’, and ‘Jambi’, but nothing quite as electric as ‘Stinkfist’ or ‘The Grudge’; no scorching diatribes like ‘Enema’, ‘Ticks & Leeches’, or A Perfect Circle’s ‘Pet’ or ‘The Outsider’.

I actually feel a little guilty for not loving it unconditionally, right out of the box, but I’ll keep listening. Maybe it just needs more time to grow on me.

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