May 082006

Friday started my week of being on call and housebound (more or less), and roadster_guy was off to St. Louis on Thursday until Saturday night, so mrimp and odysseyseven brought the Rowdy Otter Roadshow to our place on Friday; both to keep me company and give their househosts some time to themselves. We had a late dinner at Noodles, then adjourned to the office to warm up the geek generators. The two of them played City of Villains while I read Exalted (thanks nakednerd, I’m really digging this game). I tried to join them for a mission, but my laptop objected strenuously to the higher graphic demands of CoV over CoH.

The next morning Eric had to work for three hours, so once he’d left Jamie and I took the Z over to the coney nearby, got our grub on, and rolled over to Hanson’s so I could get some new running shoes. After many shoe changes and several test laps around the outside of the building, I went with a pair of Mizunos. To make up for boring Jamie while I shopped, we stopped at Warp 9 comic shop and did some shopping. It was National Free Comic Day so I grabbed a few of those and bought the first issue of Marvel’s Civil War. Pretty good stuff; I may actually follow the core 8-issue limited series, if not the related issues of other titles.

When we got back we played more CoH until Eric returned, then we headed over to Somerset for dinner and some shopping. We initially tried PF Chang’s, but there was an hour and forty-five minute wait, which I don’t understand. It’s good, but it’s not THAT good. Must be the reputation. Two doors over, at Brio Tuscan Grille, we were seated within two minutes, and had some great food. Eric and I had the grilled mahi mahi with a mashed potato ball in a baked crust with garlic, cheese, and bacon. It was actually better than the fish. Jamie thought his pasta was merely meh, however. Afterward, we hit all the trendy clothing stores in the mall (are there any in Somerset that aren’t?), ogled all the boys, and laughed uproariously at Abercrombie’s prices. I really only shop there to look at the posters anyway.

After reading all our comics, we broke open the Illuminati card game and learned to play. It’s really fun, but you either better be friends with the other players, or make sure you’ll never see them again. It’s real easy to piss people off in this game, but it sure is fun doing it. Many beers later, Eric and I came within one card each of winning, but Jamie managed to whup us. Aaron returned around 9pm but was too tired to join in, and had to be up and out the door at 7am to go racing the next day.

Sunday we haunted the coney again, then Starbucks, then back home for Xbox, laundry, and another game of Illuminati. This time it came down to me and Eric, but Jamie was in the position of deciding which of us won, and threw his lot in with Eric. He does have to sleep with him, after all. :oD The boys headed home about 8pm, as none of us were hungry for dinner, and the rest of the night was uneventful. I worked on my laundry until Aaron wanted to go to bed at about 9:30, so I kept reading Exalted, stopping for about 20 minutes to play some CoH.

All weekend the pager had only gone off twice, both times for something that I already knew about and could close immediately. Unfortunately at 3:45 this morning it went off again, asking me to join a conference call. Apparently one of our suppliers replaced their firewall on Friday evening, couldn’t get it to work right when trying to connect to us, THEN decided at 3:30am Monday morning that it was time to sound the alarm. Over the course of the call it became clear that they never notified us they were doing this, and that no changes were made on our side, yet they decided to wake a bunch of us up to bail their asses out. Idiots. So now I’m fighting sleep, and will probably go home for lunch and work (read: nap) from home.

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