May 112006

The “Get it Off Your Chest” meme. (ganked from flirtcub and others)

Post 10 anonymous comments of what you WISH you could say to the people in your life who’ve been unfair to you in some way. Do NOT disclose who they are or give the backstory. Just get it off your chest, and then let it go for once and for all.

Tag people if you so desire.

I could only come up with eight. I hereby reserve 9 and 10 for future use.

1. Although some good things have resulted from knowing you, my life would have been much better overall if I had never walked into Menjo’s that night. You helped destroy my credit, frequently embarassed me to my friends and family, forced me to be more parent than partner to compensate for your utter lack of responsibility, then had the gall to claim I was stuffy and boring because I was trying to keep us from going under. Just because we get along now doesn’t change any of what happened before. You will never break out of your self-imposed, self-absorbed, vicious circle of drama, because deep down you really don’t want to. You are co-dependent. Get help.

2. I should have known for sure the kid wasn’t mine when I saw the pictures, because my sperm would have strangled themselves with their own tails before producing that mandrill’s ass of a child. Oh, by the way, douche once in awhile.

3. I don’t know when or why your mind closed up, but I can’t really talk to you about things anymore if they don’t involve video games. Now, when you get new information that doesn’t already fit your world view, you reject it out of hand without even considering it, and label the bearer of that news either a liar, crazy, or carrying some kind of grudge. You’re not the same friend I’ve known since junior high anymore, and it makes me sad that we’ve grown apart. Try getting your news from somewhere other than Fox. Think for yourself again. Please.

4. I hope for your childrens’ sake that you never did to them what you and your wife did to me, but I’m sure you did. You even said you were going to “teach them what you taught me”. I’ve checked a few times over the years but, sadly, I have yet to see your name on a sex offender registry. One of my favorite revenge fantasies involves seducing your son and sending you pictures of it. Maybe someday I’ll see the news story about one of them blowing your head off.

5. You nearly botched the job, and left me scarred and bitter about it. Fuck you, you quack, and him, for going behind her back about it. She wouldn’t have let it happen, had she known. It may have been the thing to do in that era, but I’m not any less angry because of it.

6. And fuck YOU for telling him to do it. And for pretty much abandoning us. AND for trying to make us think it was also our responsibility to reach out. You don’t lay that shit on little kids. We were never going to be close in the way you wanted, because I didn’t need you. When I needed you, you weren’t there, so I learned to get along without. I shouldn’t have even given you the attention that I did. You didn’t deserve it.

7. Why did you put your own daughter through as much as you have, even from beyond the grave? She doesn’t deserve that. You never stood up for her, always let the men in your life say or do whatever they wanted to her without a word of objection from you. Everyone was a higher priority than she was, and you were too stubborn to ever admit when you were wrong. I miss the person I knew growing up, but not the stranger you turned into. Oh, and even though we were all grateful for how well Bud treated you, we still hated the miserable old bastard.

8. I’m sorry things went so wrong between us. We should have stayed friends and never crossed that line, because it was our undoing. I knew that when you gave me the ring that Christmas: inside my head I was screaming “no! no!” but I went along with it and shouldn’t have. Now I can’t even look at you on the rare times we cross each others’ path. There’s too much to say, too many misunderstandings to try and set right. I also wanted more out of my life, and you were content to stay two steps above white trash. It wouldn’t have been enough for me, but I honestly hope you’re happy.

9. TBD

10. TBD

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