May 262006

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May 262006

satyr69 gave me a nudge since I hadn’t updated in over a week, so here’s the news in briefs, er, brief.

Unbeknownst to me, the first wedding anniversary gift for gay geeks is, traditionally, lightsabers. I discovered this when Aaron brought two of them home from Costco last week. We’re still slightly embarrassed about them, but have discovered it’s impossible to pass by them without picking one up, flicking it on, and waving it around a couple times before continuing on our way. The text messages when he was at the store went like this:

Aaron: “Mace or Anakin”
Me: “?”
Me: “Mace”
Aaron: “Faggot”
Me: “Hey! Mace was a total badass until that pussy-whipped Anakin turned on him!”

So Aaron got a blue one and I got the purple one.

The previous weekend we took my mom up to the beach house and stayed with his parents for a belated Mother’s Day since she had to work on the actual holiday. It was typical of a trip up there: lots of eating and relaxing. I got drunk with my father-in-law when he made the two of us a “martini”, which was really just half a liter of Bombay Sapphire with some olives, in a glass big enough to be a koi pond. I had to cut it with orange juice because it was oddly harsh for Bombay. Before getting alcoholiated *nods to evanrudemi* I took my mom for a drive in Sandy’s new silver 350Z roadster up to the town of Lexington and wandered around the shops for a bit.

Sunday the weather had turned kind of cold and crappy, so Mom and I drove into Port Huron, where I patiently tolerated extended time in Mary Maxim and Sew Elegant so she could shop for quilting supplies. Normally I pay about as much attention to fabric stores as I do to the NBA, but Sew Elegant was really impressive. I’ve never seen so many bolts of fabric in one place before, in every possible color and pattern. There were places where you could hardly walk down the aisle for the stacks of it. When we tell my sister about it, I’m sure she’ll start planning some kind of holy pilgrimage there.

Other than that, this week has been work-gym-gaming, with a dinner visit from mrimp and odysseyseven on Tuesday. I have managed to exercise every day this week so far, which is normally unheard of. I usually convince myself to skip at least a couple days but, with our trip to Montreal coming up next week, I’m cramming. Plus, with the warmer weather, I’m wanting to go shirtless more often which, I’m happy to report, I can do almost without self-consciousness now.

This weekend brokenbryan is down to visit and go to DEMF and, together with the Rowdy Otter Roadshow, we’re going to see X3 on Sunday. I’m not pleased with the results on Rotten Tomatoes (57% currently) after the first two got 80% and 87%, respectively. I’ll still see it of course, but I’m prepared to be somewhat disappointed. I really wish Bryan Singer had stuck around to direct this one too. Oh well.

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