Jul 242006

Where the hell is Scosicle, Scotland?

I had some bizarre dreams this morning, none of which seemed particularly relevant to anything going on in the waking world. There was a largish black and white rabbit sitting in a field, with a 1′ wireless network antenna strapped to its head, looking very unhappy. Nearby was another rabbit, which was so small, still, and emaciated that when I picked it up it felt like a thick cardboard cutout of a rabbit, covered in fur. I carried it with me to a more fertile field and turned it loose to graze, where it seemed much happier and livelier.

Then I was standing at the base of a terraced hill where a double row of very nice houses was being built, including one for my mother. As I watched, an airliner crashed nosefirst into the ground at the end of the upper row, about three houses from my mom’s place. Inexplicably, it didn’t fall over, yet I knew that everything (and everyone) inside had pancaked. Suddenly jet fuel gushed out, and a stream of it from a crack in the wingtip shot toward me, looking like a 3D movie effect. I dodged out of the way and ran toward the hill that led up to the second row, knowing the thing was about to catch on fire. Of course it did, and I could feel the heat from 200 yards away. I knew it was going to set Mom’s house on fire (along with everyone elses) and I was trying to get her out and safe before that happened. I must have intended for Mom to stay with my in-laws until she could get a new house, and the dream suddenly cut to my mother-in-law yelling, “I can’t deal with this! I’m 63 years old! I have my own…” The rest was blurred out.

The dream then flashed to me leading a force which was attacking county Scosicle(?) in Scotland, Dark Age of Camelot style. The whole thing seemed to be a fully immersive virtual reality, where I was actually living in the game, but I could issue game commands mentally; sort of like a holodeck that I could control with my brain.

I and one of my soldiers had tackled the female leader, and I was demanding she surrender the zone to me. At first she refused, and I stabbed her in the neck a couple times. There was no blood but, in a sort of virtual overlay in my mind, we could both see she was taking damage. I signaled again for her surrender, this time using the mental interface, and she finally gave in, knowing she was beat. I unrolled a map like a rubber mat and the county I’d just taken was flashind red on it. The territory I held now stretched north in an unbroken line, and there was some concern about being attacked in the middle from both sides.

I didn’t even eat anything out of the ordinary to trigger all this weirdness, but it sure was entertaining.

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