Jul 242006

My loving husband, who cannot keep a surprise hidden, handed me an early birthday present on Saturday: 4 tickets to see Tool at the Palace on September 22! Holy shit!

I got to see them a week after 9/11, during the Lateralis tour, but never thought I’d see them again. It’s hard to snag tickets for a band that popular, but he managed it 10 minutes after they went onsale. It was only sheer luck that he heard about it, because there’s been almost no advertising; typical of Tool.

Friday, as mentioned previously, I went to Mom’s and helped her finish painting the living room. It took a lot longer than expected (6 hours), but the place looks great. The walls are kind of a light mocha, with an even lighter shade for the ceiling. Depending on the lighting they look like the same color, and I can’t count the number of times I accidentally put ceiling color on the wall or vice versa. For 4 years now she’s had a “cabin in the woods” motif going, which was spoiled by the stark white walls. Now, countless hours of HGTV and TLC later, she’s going for the European simplicity look (read: IKEA), using the mocha color with black accents, centered around her new black Poång chair and footrest.

Afterwards I washed the paint and sweat away and settled in for some double experience point goodness in City of Heroes/Villains. This weekend from 12pm Friday to 12am Monday all ingame rewards (experience, influence/infamy, prestige) were doubled for all characters, old or new. I haven’t seen the servers that full since shortly after launch, 2 years ago. I managed to get The Recruiter two levels (29 to 31), Wire a level (46), and Elek-Trick a level (19).

Breaking up the leveling treadmill was a party on Saturday night at Kevin & Fred’s place, which was very cool. They have an incredible backyard, big enough that folks were joking about needing a rescue party to find them if they didn’t come back. The hot tub was a lot of fun, and my kilt got quite a bit of positive attention.

Sunday was entirely given over to gaming, and I didn’t leave the house at all. Hell, I didn’t even shower until 10pm. This is not a common occurrence fortunately. Even if Aaron wasn’t around to prevent that sort of chronic behavior, I couldn’t do many of those marathon sessions. I’d burn out, and my butt hurts from sitting there too long.

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