Jul 282006

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes yesterday posted on roadster_guy's LJ and the Rough Trade forum; it was really nice. A special thanks to flirtcub for my spiffy new LJ icon!

Besides the tickets to see Tool on 9/22, Mom ordered me a shiny new Fang Gamepad from ZBoard, brokenbryan bought me some very cool shirts and a pair of camo cargo shorts, and my in-laws sent me money which has been used to order my new black Utilikilt:

This birthday didn't bother me like 30 and 35 did. Sure, it's still on the backside of 35 and sliding toward 40, but it just seemed like any other day. I still don't look or feel my age (whatever that's supposed to feel like anyway), I'm in the best shape of my life so far, I have a wonderful husband, great friends and family, and a job that both pays well and is mostly non-stressful. So I have no reason to get all emo over a mere number.

Until 40.

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  3 Responses to “37 Come and Gone”

  1. I freaked out about 25, I can't even imagine 30… Nice kilt.

  2. Thanks! I have a tan one already, but been wanting a black one. Black goes with everything, ya know. :o)

    25 wasn't too bad, and I really didn't think 30 would bother me. Boy was I wrong. *shudder*
    I wasn't too happy about 35 but I don't remember it being awful. I had a lot of nice distractions for it. My stepsister, on the other hand, disappeared into the woods for a week for her 35th, refusing human contact. Her 40th is coming up and we're all expecting some sort of apocalypse. :oD

  3. Haha, that's no good!! I was just bothered because it marked that I was an adult, yet I didn't feel like one. I hadn't really achieved anything. I'm trying to kick life's butt before 30 hits so I can feel better. Utilikilts just crack me up!

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